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Graylog focuses on security and compliance, but also log management in modern IT operations and DevOps environments.


Simple log management for everyone

All log and event data available at a central location. This will help detect and fix errors and problems faster. The goal is satisfied customers due to fewer failures and downtimes through proactive monitoring of all important parameters.



Search your data without knowing all the basic conditions beforehand. Discover more information while analyzing search results.

This will make it easy to gather all the information and find the right answers.


Horizontal scaling for a workload of any size. From one or two gigabytes to several terabytes per day.

Of course, the necessary fault tolerance is already integrated and allows load-distributed and highly available work.


Search, analyze and visualize immediately all relevant data on one screen. Search and investigate multiple problems simultaneously and quickly and reliably find the needle in a haystack.

With the help of parallel data processing, the whole goes in no time.


Always the perfect solution

Due to the fast and central storage of data, Graylog can be used for a variety of scenarios. The focus is on security and compliance, but also on applications in modern IT operations and DevOps environments.


Analyze your data and find problems even faster by being able to examine multiple attack vectors simultaneously.

Use the multi-threaded search to quickly edit datasets. Saving the search is not necessary to work on it later.


Automatically archive the data that is not often searched and needed.

These data are stored on less expensive and slower hard drives and are only made available for search when they are needed.

The perfect compromise between performance and economy.


In case of failed logon attempts, errors or performance bottlenecks, automated actions can be performed:

  • E-mail notification and notification in a Slack channel
  • Start of an additional system for dynamic load distribution
  • Automatic blocking of IP areas on the firewall


Perfect integration thanks to an API

Graylog has a powerful API that allows almost complete control and configuration of the system. From managing and creating streams to user administration.

Creation of Graylog-Stream

POST /streams
  "title": "All messages",
  "description": "All messages are routed here",
  "matching_type": "OR"
  "rules": [
      "field": "timestamp",
      "type": 5,
      "value": "1",
      "inverted": false
  "content_pack": null,

Creation of an example user

POST /users
  "username": "data",
  "password": "datapassword",
  "email": "data@graylog.com",
  "full_name": "King of Data",
  "permissions": [
  "timezone": "UTC"

Configuration of a role

POST /roles
  "name": "Developer",
  "description": "Developer role",
  "permissions": [
  "read_only": false


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