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Open Source Container Management

With Kubernetes (K8s) you automate the deployment, scaling and management of your containerized applications.


Modern Container Orchestration

Kubernetes, or “K8s” for short, is an open source system for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of container applications. Containers, complex applications with their services and data can be managed and controlled centrally.

Flexible. Scalable. Sustainable.


Professional Container Orchestration

The Kubernetes platform offers the freedom to use infrastructure on-premises, hybrid or in a public cloud. So workloads can be operated effortlessly where it suits best.

Kubernetes is developed by the community as part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and forms with many other essential and optional software Building blocks of the de facto standard platform for container management.

Apps and Containers

Not only individual containers, but also complete applications with several components can be defined and made available in the cluster in just a few steps.

Kubernetes solves the scaling according to requirements and ensures that changes can be rolled out without failure, but can also be rolled back again.

Monitoring and Reliability

Kubernetes not only monitors its individual computing nodes, but also collects many metrics to keep an eye on performance and availability.

The various containers can be monitored directly by Kubernetes in order to be able to restart or replace individual components in the event of an error. The cluster can also use health checks to monitor whether errors occur during a rollout and proactively prevent failures.

Services and Availability

All services and applications within the cluster can be made available within the network with simple definitions and can thus also be accessed by other applications.

With components like Ingress, these services can also be available to an intranet or the Internet. For example, external IP addresses and DNS names can be addressed directly or released via HTTP proxies.

To ensure application scalability, load balancing is built in from the ground up.

Memory Management

Persistent data can be provided in Kubernetes via various interfaces. From the storage options of a virtualization platform, to an external storage solution, to object storage, Kubernetes can integrate this directly via extensions.

Memory can be easily used, created and automatically cleaned up within applications.


Kubernetes Consulting

We help you with the conception, installation and integration of your environment – for more power, know-how, peace of mind!


Years of experience

We have been supporting our customers in operating their IT infrastructures for many years. Industries, tools, operating systems – we’ve seen, operated and built everything. We know the best practices with Kubernetes, Prometheus & Co. and many topics related to Open Source and Linux.

Know How

Full Understanding

We not only understand your IT systems and services, but the big picture and the countless aspects of operating complex IT infrastructures. There is often a lack of time and personnel with increasing complexity and a rapidly changing IT world.

Peace of Mind

Targeted Reinforcement

As Linux generalists and open source experts, we have a broad base and are well integrated into the open source communities. With us you are never alone! Whether as an IT consultant, engineer, support or architect – we strengthen your team and relieve you of work.


Kubernetes for Your Requirements

Decision Making

You have containers and want to find the best solution to operate them or are you looking for a solution to start with container technology?

In many places there are questions that one has not considered beforehand. Starting with basic source code versioning to continuous integration or delivery and a development workflow in which Kubernetes is involved from the start.

Whether it is a matter of finding a basic strategy or taking a meaningful direction, we will support you!

Applications in Kubernetes

In addition to the installation and basic operation of Kubernetes, there are also some uncertainties about its effective use.

Many customers need basic know-how and support in the transformation to Kubernetes, i.e. how to operate an application within the platform. But also how to design a modern application in order to start directly in a container world.

We support developers and administrators with the preparation and integration with Kubernetes and thereby build up knowledge, or help directly with the creation of configuration and tests.

Operation of Your Platform

The actual operation of Kubernetes in particular presents many with unexpected challenges, from the basic platform, the provisioning of virtual or bare metal systems, to installing and updating a Kubernetes distribution, many questions arise here.

Every case of need should be considered individually in order to find a solution that respects local conditions and also meets organizational and monetary requirements.

We operate in our own OpenStack Cloud Kubernetes as a Service for customers, but in the end it is a complex decision whether you operate Kubernetes Self-Hosted or obtain it from an external provider.


Even if there is still little knowledge about containers and their correct application, we can provide individual support.

From the basics, the creation and management of containers, releases, testing, CI / CD, to the right interfaces between administrators and developers, we will find the right solution for your environment.

Everything from a Single Source

The holistic portfolio of NETWAYS

You need support in planning, introducing and operating your Kubernetes environment. NETWAYS supports you in all matters relating to consulting, outsourcing and, of course, training.

IT Outsourcing

As an external IT department, we take over the complete operation of entire environments. We take care of all the necessary systems from the open source world and work with you.


With us you get quick help from your personal systems engineer. Whether by phone, chat, email or ticket: we are always there for you! Kubernetes not doing what it’s supposed to? Get it contact with us!


We are happy to pass on our extensive and profound practical knowledge to you in our training courses and workshops. Of course, as face-to-face and of course online training.

Our Kubernetes Offer

The simple beginning of something big

With our Kubernetes Consulting offer, we want to make it easier to get started with Kubernetes and offer a cost-effective way to get to know the open source system. Without having to make major financial advance payments, as is often the case with commercial products.

Our experienced consultants are available to you remotely for one to four days, set up the system directly and teach the basics for further operation. The package is billed at a fixed price and there are no additional costs.

Of course, we also offer you any possible Kubernetes custom solution of any size – just contact us.

Kubernetes Review - Day 1

  • Discussion of your goals and requirements
  • Selection of suitable solutions/technologies
  • Support in selecting the right hardware
  • Support in choosing the right hoster
    (also with us: )
  • Planning the rollout of your application

Kubernetes Kickstart - 2-4 Days

Day 1+2:

  • All content from Kubernetes Review
  • Installation of management software (e.g. with the Rancher Stack)
  • Monitoring of the Kubernetes infrastructure

Possible topics for days 3-4 (optional):

  • Support for creating and managing containers
  • Support for integration into existing CI/CD solutions
  • Example deployment of applications in Kubernetes (e.g. with Helm)
  • Support for working with persistent data in Kubernetes

Kubernetes Custom

We plan and build your new Kubernetes environment of any size with you – on premise or with the host of your choice.

Use our Web Services to run Kubernetes

As a German, GDPR-compliant alternative to large cloud providers and hyperscalers, we focus on innovation and help you get the best out of your IT. We live for open standards, fairness and transparency – for you this means that you can host your applications and services with us without hesitation.


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