Icinga 2 - Next Generation Enterprise Monitoring

Icinga 2

Icinga is a scalable and extensible monitoring system which checks the availability of your resources, notifies users of outages and provides extensive BI data.

Icinga began as Nagios Fork in 2009 and has established itself through many years of work of the community and the general application in the enterprise environment as a stable solution in open source monitoring.

With Icinga 2 you can monitor everything in your network, get alarms as needed and in any way possible and provide a solid basis for SLA reporting.

All features of Icinga 2 are available out-of-the box and can be activated as needed.

Icinga 2 monitors everything

Icinga 2 monitors everything

The Foundations of Icinga 2

Icinga 2 is a completely new monitoring core written in C++, and developed with scalability and performance optimisation in mind. Not only are functions modularised into different threads, but they have also been entirely designed anew.

Most importantly however, is that all existing check plugins are compatible with Icinga 2. A conversion script to help users translate existing Icinga / Nagios configurations into the Icinga 2 format is available too.

A New Approach to Configuration

Much like its predecessor, Icinga 2 uses configuration files that are then saved to a directory. The most important change however, is that configurations are based on the YAML syntax (and similar languages) and rely on templates for the implementation to a monitoring environment. When adding new hosts for example, a user can define a simple template that specifies all basic service checks and alert parameters, which then can be applied to a new host.

Here, Icinga 2 sets new standards: If a user would like to receive both email and SMS alerts, though at different times (e.g. SMS only during business hours, email the entire day) it can easily be defined by inserting additional parameters. In this way confusing, phantom contact groups or contacts can be avoided.