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Is that an Ansible? Stop holding it like a Puppet

In the configuration management space, Puppet has positioned itself as the de facto industry standard. In recent years, however, competition has been growing, with Ansible taking a prominent place. Both tools share some commonalities, but there are quite severe differences in the respective user experience. Many operations professionals feel drawn to one over the other. But which is the right tool for you? How do you choose? And how do you get most out of your tool of choice? This session systematically gives you the insight needed to answer these questions for your organization. 

Felix Frank

Felix has been managing *NIX systems since before Puppet or Ansible were around. His love for tinkering and automation has inspired him to develop a very keen understanding of Puppet's concepts and implementation. Through the years, he helped out many a fellow user, and authored a number of useful features and fixed bugs all over the place. It turns out that this experience is also an excellent foundation for a running start with Ansible, both in terms of using and extending it. On the other hand, he tries and devotes his free time to open source development on mgmt, yet another config management tool. Felix lives and learns in Berlin. He is a systems architect at The unbelievable Machine Company.