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Workshop | Graylog

hosted by Jan Doberstein and Bernd Ahlers

The Topics:

The Graylog Workshop introduces the concept of log management and provides a walk-through of the installation and uses of the log management system. Participants will gain a holistic view of their incoming data and will be able to set up dashboards and alerts using Graylog. The three main concepts are highlighted below:

  • The importance of log management. This will include multiple use-cases as well as real world examples on how to implement a log management system in different environments.
  • An overview of Graylog and a step-by-step tutorial on implementing Graylog in your own environment.
  • A walk-through on enriching data, using ACLs, and creating dashboards, alerts, and triggers in Graylog. 

With this overview and setup of the Graylog ecosystem, participants will be ready to start their journey into log management.


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