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Speaker 2015

As the conference agenda will be regularly updated, the speakers below may thus change until the final program is established.

Nigel Kersten | Puppet Labs

Nigel came to Puppet Labs from Google HQ in Mountain View, where he was responsible for the design and implementation of one of the largest Puppet deployments in the world. He's been a sysadmin for Linux and Mac deployments since before Mac OS became a UNIX. As CIO and VP of Operations at Puppet Labs, he is responsible for technical and business operations.

Sebastian Reitenbach | BlackBridge AG


Sebastian got his diploma in Computer Sciences in summer 2004. Then, after a few months of freelancing, in the beginning of 2005, he started to work as IT systems administrator at the RapidEye AG. Being the one person IT department, in a 10 employees company. Over the years, the company grew to about 150 employees. With the growth of the company, the production system had to be built up and maintained. A few years ago, RapidEye AG ran into an insolvency case, and was eventually bought by the BlackBridge AG. There he is still employed as Senior IT Systems Architect.
Besides all the systems administration at work, in his private life, Sebastian is a passionate open source developer with commit access to a couple of projects, i.e. OpenBSD, GNUstep, GAP. Lately, due to involvement with Puppet, he also started digging Ruby and Puppet module developments.

Pedro Pessoa | Server Density

Pedro is a Linux administrator for more than 12 years and is developing Java/Python/C since more than 14 years.  He holds his current position as Ops engineer at Server Density, a hosted server and website monitoring service. Currently processing 12TB+ per month into MongoDB running on dedicated and virtual instances all managed with Puppet.

Rajesh Sivaraman | HERE GmbH

Rajesh Sivaraman is an experienced system administrator. Currently working as a senior system integration engineer for HERE GmbH, he is making sure that the CI environment is up and running all the time. Other than Puppet, he spends his time on managing things around Jenkins , Docker Containers and VMware ESX VMs.

Martin Alfke

Automation and DevOps enthusiast, Freelancer.

Nicholas Corrarello | Puppet Labs

Nicholas Corrarello is a Technical Solutions Engineer at Puppet Labs whose background includes 6+ years of Unix System Administration roles with AIX/Solaris/Linux systems. An open source enthusiast, he has also worked as a Support Engineer, and an Instructor/Examiner for Red Hat delivering RHCE / RHCA courses.

Felix Frank | GmbH

Felix has used Puppet for years in a production environment and is closely familiar with most of the prevalent design practices. He tries to aid the community by helping out on the Puppet Users' mailing list and other general fora. In 2014, he wrote a beginner's and intermediate guide (Puppet Essentials) that is available in print.

In his spare time, Felix contributes code to the Puppet core, as well as other projects in the Puppet family. His constant testing and playing with various use cases inspired this presentation.

Andrea Giardini | CERN

Andrea Giardini is currently working at CERN as a software developer while completing his master´s degree in computer engineering, he is collaborating with the configuration team to address the problem of detecting and solving configuration drifts.
He has always been interested in configuration management and large-scale computing infrastructures in general, previously he has also worked with OpenStack in collaboration with the CERN database group.
Today he uses Puppet in his everyday work to automate machines configuration and provisioning.

Blerim Sheqa / Achim Ledermüller | NETWAYS GmbH

Blerim and Achim are system engineers and care about datacenter automation at Netways Mangaged Service GmbH. They have a lot of practical experience how to create and manage automated setups with puppet including Icinga, Ceph, Foreman, OpenNebula, Elastichsearch and Logstash, Graphite and Collectd, Reporting and many more.