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Graylog Support and Subscriptions

For Graylog we offer subscriptions for the Operations and the Security version. Support is then provided directly by the manufacturer. 

Graylog Support and Subscriptions

Graylog offers subscriptions to the Operations and Security versions of Graylog. Use the direct contact to the manufacturer and the extended functions of the Graylog Operations and Graylog Security Edition.

We would be happy to advise you on the right solution for your environment and offer all available Graylog licenses.

Graylog Editions

Prepared for all eventualities

Your choice of scalable log management and SIEM solution should let you do more with your security and performance data. Regardless of your company or team size, event and data stack, technologies, and configurations, Graylog has the right option to fit your needs.

Free & Open

Built to open-source standards, Graylog Open provides the core centralized log management functionality you need to collect, enhance, store, and analyze data.

Indexed Data Pricing
Cloud or Self-Managed

Centralized Log Management for IT Operations and DevOps teams, built on the Graylog platform. Graylog Operations is designed to maximize your systems’ uptime, alert you to issues and outages, enhance productivity, and meet data retention requirements for larger teams and complex situations.

Indexed Data Pricing
Cloud or Self-Managed

Graylog Security delivers on all of the promises of the traditional SIEM without all the complexity, alert fatigue, and high costs. Built on the Graylog platform, Graylog Security reduces the strain on your cybersecurity staff, improves your overall security posture, and reduces risk.

Support is through Graylog’s online resources, community, and other Open groups.

Technical support from Graylog included.

Technical support from Graylog included.

  • No license key needed, operates under SSPL
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Integrated fault tolerance
  • Graylog Marketplace access for additional content plug-ins
  • Graylog Open and Graylog Platform Features
  • Enterprise-class log management & analysis
  • Powerful search workflow & filter capabilities
  • Log data visualization
  • Customizable alerts & notifications
  • Intuitive event correlation engine
  • Out-of-the-box parsing engines and
  • Operations dashboards
  • Scheduled reporting
  • Graylog Open and Graylog Platform Features
  • Powerful anomaly detection ML/AI and event correlation engine
  • Built-in security expertise, dashboards, and contextualization
  • Lightning-fast search for rapid investigations
  • Customizable alerts & notifications
  • Intuitive security analytics and data visualization
  • Integrated threat intel & geo IP feeds and lookups
  • Proactive threat hunting capabilities
  • Compliance archiving and reporting


How are Graylog Operations and Graylog Security priced?
Graylog Operations and Graylog Security are priced by the log data volume ingested. Please contact us for more information.

Can Graylog be deployed on-premise?
You can deploy Graylog Operations and Graylog Security in a Self-managed (on-premise).

Is Graylog free to use?
Graylog Open does not require a license and is free to use. Both Graylog Operations and Graylog Security require active licenses. We also offer a free 2GB/day license of Graylog Operations for small businesses.

How do I get a Graylog license?
From within a Graylog Open installation, you can request a free 14-day trial license. For a full license of Graylog Operations or Graylog Security, you must contact us. Graylog also offer a free 2GB/day license of Graylog Operations for small businesses. Graylog Open does not require a license key.

Is Graylog open source?
Graylog Open operates under a free and open Server Side Public License (SSPL) beginning with v4.0. Prior to that, it operated under a General Public License (GPL).

Is Graylog a SIEM?
Graylog Security blends SIEM, Security Analytics, & Anomaly Detection capabilities to provide IT security teams with a superior cybersecurity platform. Designed to overcome legacy SIEM challenges, Graylog Security makes analysts’ jobs easier and faster, providing them with the confidence, productivity, and expertise to mitigate risks caused by insider threats and credential-based attacks.

How do I find my cluster ID?
To upgrade from Graylog Open to a licensed product, you will need your cluster id. Login to your Graylog instance as an admin to find the cluster id on the system/license page. This will be used to generate your unique license key.

Service from the market leader

We are happy to bring you our experience from countless Graylog projects. Whether professional services, training or support for your environment.