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Subskriptions for Enterprise Software

NETWAYS is a partner of Icinga, Elastic, Graylog and Puppet and offers you all available licenses tailored to your environment. Depending on the model, we offer support directly or through the manufacturer.

Enterprise Subscriptions & Support


Icinga subscriptions & support from the leading Icinga partner.


Elastic Enterprise Subscriptions and licenses for Elastic on premise and Elastic Cloud from the German Elastic Partner.


For Graylog Enterprise we offer subscriptions for the Graylog Operations and the Graylog Security version.


Subscriptions for Puppet Enterprise from your Puppet Partner.

Our support tools

To ensure support is as efficient and quick as it is fast, we use AnyDesk as a remote client. In addition, with the Support Collector, we have created a tool that gives us a quick overview of your environment. Since transparency is particularly important to us, the Support Collector is of course open source.

Remote Client

Remote takes place via SSH or our AnyDesk client.

Support Collector

Gathering information for our support.

Questions? Get in touch with us.