Cloud Computing with OpenNebula


OpenNebula is an open source cloud solution, which is using various industry standards to provide a high-available, scalable and efficient virtualization platform.

Virtual systems can be managed and monitored centrally on different hypervisiors and storage systems.

In case of the failure of a component, OpenNebula takes care of the reboot of the virtual instances on a different host system.

The integration and automation of an existing heterogeneous landscape is possible without additional hardware investment.

Administration with a modern web surface

All core functions like the compound of virtual machines, configuration of data stores or users and groups can be administered with the OpenNebula web surface Sunstone. Hereafter some user examples:

  • Monitoring of hardware infrastructure
  • Configuration of the implemented hypervisor
  • Administration of the virtual systems
  • Network- and storage settings
  • User management and auditing

If you prefer to work on a console, OpenNebula CLI offers you a powerful administrative tool. With the commands onehost, onevm and onevnet all configurations- and control commands can be executed in the shell and further automated with Puppet

Further screenshots you can find here.

Exciting advantages of OpenNebula

OpenNebula is the result of a huge European research program and is promoted continuously since 2008. In all this years it is used in many production environments and continuously advanced further. The number of supported hypervisors and the platform independent architecture makes OpenNebula the ideal solution for heterogenic data centers. 

  • The main advantages of OpenNebula are:
  • OpenNebula is 100% Open Source and offers all features in one edition
  • Controlling via command line or web interface - ideal for different user groups and needs
  • OpenNebula is available for all current Linux-distribution and therefore facilitates the installation
  • Through the long term operation of OpenNebula in large production environments it proved its stability and flexibility many times already.
  • OpenNebula is interoperable and supports industrial standards like OCCI and AWS