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Icinga 2 Starter Packs

Simplify your first step into network and systems monitoring with our cost-effective Icinga Starter Pack. Have your open source monitoring system quickly up and running without the high costs involved with commercial systems.

In a 4-day workshop our experienced consultants come to you and implement Icinga with your staff, at your office. As we settle a fixed rate – there are no additional fees to worry about. 

We tailor each workshop to meet your environment’s specific needs and ensure that at the end, you have a fully functional, customised monitoring system. While your environment develops, we’ll be happy to help you extend your monitoring functionality.

Just add our Icinga 2 Training as a module to your Icinga 2 Starter Pack - starting with Icinga 2 was never easier.

Icinga Starter Pack

(4 days)

This 4-day workshop is ideal for those who have already taken our Icinga training course (included in the Icinga Starter Pack - Premium . We recommend taking the training course prior to booking the standard Icinga Starter Pack.

The 4-day standard Icinga Starter Pack includes:

  • Installation of Icinga with Icinga Web and database integration
  • Installation and configuration of LConf, the configuration management user interface
  • Installation of a graphing solution to visualise performance data
  • Best practice monitoring of Linux servers
  • Best practice monitoring of Windows servers
  • Best practice monitoring of a database (MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, MaxDB, MySQL, etc)
  • Best practice monitoring of network components via SNMP (MIBs are pre-requisite)
  • Set up of email notifications

Price: €5.800 + VAT

Quotations available on request

Please contact us to discuss how we can design a workshop to meet your needs, and learn which hardware, systems and applications can be monitored.

Module: Icinga 2 Inhouse-Training

(4 days Icinga2 Training for 3 students - additional participants at extra cost - 6 max.)


  • Introduction into monitoring and the Icinga project
  • Installation and configuration of Icinga 2 with IDO database, Plugins and Icinga Web 2
  • Basic configuration
  • Practical examples of monitoring objects and Icinga 2's rule based configuration- Extending Icinga Web 2 using it's basic features
  • Graphing AddOn PNP4Nagios
  • Visualization with NagVis
  • Combine monitoring information to Business Processes
  • Graphical configuration
  • Database Monitoring
  • Migration from other monitoring solutions

Package rate: €7.500 + VAT (for 3 students - additional participants at extra cost - 6 max.)

Rate is valid for Germany and Austria - other countries on request.

Availability: On Request