SMS alert systems for Icinga implementation workshop

Icinga alerts are made by default via e-mail, being inexpensive and generally reliable. However, how advantageous would it be if Icinga would send notifications via SMS during out of office hours? And why not- considering SMS functions reasonably reliably, fast and unconstrained by location.

Achieving a reliable SMS alert system is often not easy. On one hand, using an external provider’s SMS gateway means you are dependent on a functioning internet connection. On the other, a separate SMS modem is locally connected via USB or serials so it can’t be arbitrarily extended and GSM reception is often unavailable in data centers. 

A practical alternative is a hardware SMS Gateway. Because it is directly connected to the network, the Icinga server can send SMS over the network. Thus it can be connected anywhere on the local LAN and be established at a location with good radio connections. Since there is no 1:1 wiring to a single server, it can also act as an alerting device for multiple Icinga servers making high availability easy to implement.

Escalations and confirmations

Icinga alert logic enables SMS alarms to offer more intelligent capabilities: A weekend alert escalation system can be installed so that successive groups of people are alerted. Once a person accepts the alarm by a simple return SMS, Icinga can be configured to recognise the acknowledgement and cease the escalation procedure, thus stopping the dispatch of alerts.

SMS alert systems implementation workshop

In a 1 day workshop we come to you and set up your SMS alert system equipped with a Multimodem.

This includes:

  • 1x SMS Gateway
  • Modem and related software installation
  • Icinga alerts and escalation configuration
  • Modem integration into the monitoring system
  • Icinga acknowledgment system and SMS alert setup

Our only prerequisites are your provision of an unlocked SIM card from a German provider for the SMS alert system and an active Icinga server.