Icinga Consulting & Implementation

What sets our Icinga project work apart is our hands-on, onsite support in the implementation or expansion of Icinga installations. There and then, we advise you on all aspects relating to system and network monitoring with Icinga.

All encompassing Icinga consulting

We consult on anything and everything to do with Icinga, in any step along the way from evaluation and situation analysis to post installation support. Thematically, some of our popular consultancy services are:

  • Support in evaluation, needs analysis and budgeting   
  • Planning and design of Icinga monitoring architecture  
  • Icinga server sizing and load testing  
  • Icinga monitoring fortification through clustering   
  • Icinga server set up and configuration  
  • Integrating Icinga clients

Icinga implementation workshops

We have extensive experience in providing Icinga workshops with resounding success. Our consultants come to you and assist onsite with the implementation, guiding your staff hands-on.

The advantages are:

  • Short and cost effective project times
  • Icinga monitoring ‘on-air’ in minimum times 
  • Optimum knowledge transfer to your employees 
  • No additional training required