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Our All-Encompassing Icinga Services

As we are active developers in the Icinga team, we have an in depth understanding of Icinga and can support you in any aspect related to both Icinga and Nagios. Our solutions are always tailored to suit your individual needs, and include:

Icinga Starter Pack

Kick start your systems and network monitoring with a cost-effective ‘Starter Pack’. This includes consulting and training, a 3 day onsite workshop and as an extra option- all the necessary hardware.

Consulting, Tailored Workshops and Implementations

The majority of our monitoring projects are tailor made implementations in often large enterprise networks. We prefer a holistic approach, combining onsite consulting, training and implementation to ensure efficient knowledge transfer to your staff and long term smooth operation of your monitoring project. Through innumerable Nagios and Icinga consulting assignments, we can boast the most diverse expertise and experience for even the most unusual implementations. Take a look at our customers to see for yourself.

Systems Integration

Icinga functions well as the centerpiece of a network management platform, as it integrates well with other tools to form a comprehensive solution. Thanks to our experience with Nagios, Icinga and a host of other open source system management tools, you will be assured a fast and cost-effective integration with a variety of software. In particular the web plugin interface enables the easy integration of other applications into the Icinga web interface.

Nagios to Icinga Migration

Icinga is backward compatible to Nagios in all its most important areas, so a Nagios-Icinga transition is actually very simple. All plugins, the entire existing configuration and even addons can be carried over for continued use. To make it even easier, we are happy to support you in your migration to Icinga.

Customized Plugins for Icinga or Nagios

Nagios and Icinga plugins are entirely exchangeable, so all existing plugins can continue to be used for both software. In this way Icinga users have the entire range for monitoring capabilities at their disposal from day one. Nonetheless, special monitoring needs require special plugins. We custom develop Nagios or Icinga plugins to meet your individual needs. For an idea, take a look at the multitude of plugins we have developed for our customers.

Satellite Systems for Remote Monitoring

Monitoring international services like websites often requires an end-user perspective from different countries. We offer Nagios Satellite Systems, which monitor your websites from all ends of the earth. For example, if you want to measure loading times from Germany, Asia, Australia and other countries, we have a solution for you.

Monitoring Hosting and Maintenance

Especially in distributed monitoring environments, it is often useful to monitor from an external perspective. For example, if you need to know how your applications behave for external clients, we can host your Icinga Server in one of our data centers and take care of its full maintenance and management.

Monitoring Hardware

Many monitoring systems need to be enhanced with environmental and physical access controls or specialized notification processes. We offer the associated hardware to achieve these solutions and are happy to procure or rent and even integrate them into Nagios for you.

Icinga Training

Over our numerous Nagios and Icinga consulting projects, we have come to understand many different systems and achieve unusual installations. Drawing from this broad experience, we have developed and run intensive, hands-on workshops for Nagios and Icinga over the years. Our training courses are designed for rigorous learning, with classes limited to 10 attendees to ensure ample individual attention and opportunities for in depth discussions.

Icinga Support

After implementation, it is good to know there is someone you can rely on when complications arise. Just as with other systems in our expertise, we offer Icinga support plans that are designed meet the needs of your IT environment. Be it for an existing installation or to follow an Icinga consultation project, we are always happy to assist.