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Icinga Monitoring

Icinga 2 Features


The monitoring of servers and services is handled by Plugins, which can be installed locally on the Icinga 2 server or the monitored host.

With this construct Icinga 2 can be extended with additional checks or individual configurations. More...


In case of problems within your monitored infrastructure, Icinga 2 is able to notify you through many different channels about the problem. Possible channels are for example SMS, Mail, Phone or custom solutions. To ensure you are not flooded by notifications, Icinga 2 provides a very flexible and detailed notification configuration. More...


With addons, Icinga can be extended with plenty of reporting functionality. Icinga Web 2 provides an overview of the current status of the monitoring infrastructure, PNP4Nagios and Graphite provide performance data and historical graphs based on check results and last but not least the Reporting-Addon extends Icinga with SLA reports.

The Icinga reporting addon ships with several basic reports, providing a quick summary of the infrastructure.

For example:

  • Overview report of the entire monitoring enviroment
  • Top 10 Hosts or Services with problems
  • Availability of groups, hosts or services
  • List of current acknowledgments
  • And many more...