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Immobilien Scout 24

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Ceph - Open Source Storage System

Ceph is a flexible and high-performance open source storage system that works together very well with OpenNebula and OpenStack, thanks to the KVM / QEMU compatibility. In addition Ceph has an Object Store, which can be used, among other things, as an alternative to Amazon S3.

Through the intelligent architecture a subsequent extension is easily possible and allows nearly limitless scalability. Compared with other established Ceph storage systems, this yields the following benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • High reliability
  • Replication of data to any number of nodes
  • Low costs by using standard hardware
  • Faster access through intelligent data distribution
  • Easy back up snapshots (incl. geo replication)
  • S3 and Swift compatible interface
  • No vendor lock-in!

Ceph Cloud

Ceph is ideal as a cloud storage for OpenNebula or OpenStack environments and provides a cost-effective data storage.

Since performance is key in cloud environments, Ceph offers the perfect approach -  the more nodes you add, the faster the access times for large amounts of data get.