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Foreman und Ansible

Foreman - the lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. Foreman is an open source project that supports administrators with their systems during the entire period of use (lifecycle) - from the provisioning and configuration to the orchestration and monitoring.

Using Ansible, Puppet or Chef and the smart proxy architecture Foreman regular tasks can be automated and applications are rolled out at your fingertips - both bare-metal servers and VMs in the cloud.

Foreman provides a web front-end, a CLI and a RESTful API, is used for over 4 years in many environments for management of 10 to several thousand servers and offers a large number of plugins.

Foreman is ideal as a front end for Ansible and still has many more features.


Foreman provides the most important reporting basics for Ansible - so you have all the important information from orchestration and configuration management at a glance in a web interface.

Foreman - Ansible Reporting


Ansible collects all relevant information of the target systems with each run of a Playbook. Foreman can display and sort this information for the user.

Foreman - Ansible Facts

Running Playbooks

Foreman is able to control individual playbooks or complete bulk processes via the web interface, which means a clear work relief in everyday life.

Foreman - Ansible Playbooks