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Icinga - Enterprise Open Source Monitoring

Icinga 2

Icinga can monitor all facets of any IT infrastructure, including hardware, various operating systems and applications.

Anything with an interface can be integrated into Icinga, including pre-existing monitoring tools and scripts.

In this way, Icinga can be implemented as a standalone monitoring system or as an umbrella application that provides an overview of the entire IT environment.

The Icinga Team maintains two versions:

Our remote services

Our outsourcing team can offer you the following remote services:

  • Support or complete takeover of operations  
  • Strategic consulting
  • Implementation of projects
  • Assistance
  • (Security) updates
  • Development services

If you are interested we can of course create a customized quote according to your individual needs. Our sales staff is looking forward to your inquiry.

Our plans

We provide our remote services during our business hours or, if necessary in case of a failure, 24/7. Our services can be booked in hourly quotas, based on an initial consultation. That gives you full cost control and the possibility to add services if necessary. 

At the beginning of every the project, we generally schedule on-site appointments in order to properly transfer the operations on our staff.

If desired, we also provide regular project progress appointments either by phone or on-site. These appointments will be applied against the contract.

We can implement Icinga for you, if required, to monitor your entire environment and give you a complete overview of your systems and their current status.