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With Grafana, metrics can be queried, displayed and alarmed, regardless of where they are stored. Create, explore and share the dashboards with your team and promote a data-centric culture.


The Open Source platform for metric analysis

With Grafana, metrics can be queried, displayed and alerted, no matter where they are stored. Create, explore and share the dashboards with your team and promote a data-centric culture.


From heat maps to histograms, from diagrams to geomaps. Grafana has a variety of visualization options that let you analyze your date beautifully.


Just configure alerts where they make sense and work with them. Define appropriate thresholds visually and let Slack, PagerDuty or others be notified.


Bring the data together in one place to get a better context. Grafana natively supports dozens of databases, which can be easily summarized in dashboards.


All the data in one interface

Grafana can generate a complete data view from more than 30 different data sources. It is not limited to simple graphs, but also supports different alarms. After defining the appropriate thresholds, Grafana immediately alerts and sends the current graph as well.


Fast and flexible client-side diagrams with a variety of options make the analysis a breeze. Various panel plug-ins for displaying metrics and logs are also available.

Variety of data sources

Mix different data sources in one and the same graphic! Each source can be queried and analyzed based on queries. With the help of dashboards, they are then joined together to form a common view.


When the status changes, notifications will be sent automatically. Grafana supports a variety of different services such as e-mail, PagerDuty, Slack, VictorOps or Opsgenie.


The perfect database for Grafana

Graphite is an open source graphing solution that is designed for flexibility and performance. Thus, Graphite is not only suitable for collecting data from a monitoring system such as Icinga, but can also be used together with any other tools. Of course, many other data sources can be used in Grafana, but in projects we have relied on Graphite for years.


Graphite provides a modular and highly customizable architecture that is also fast and stable in large environments. And if necessary, Graphite also scales across multiple instances.


Graphite is inherently equipped with a very extensive API that allows averaging and min / max values as well as a variety of other operations.


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