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Monitoring and Log Management

Monitoring and analysis of log and performance data are fundamental for reliable IT. We help you with the conception, installation, integration and operation of your environment.

Monitoring and Log Management with NETWAYS

We provide flexible solutions from server and network monitoring through to complex business processes. We rely on state of the art technology and their interfaces. This guarantees sustainability and of course a monitoring of your infrastructure. With NETWAYS Web Services we provide a complete monitoring solution based on Icinga as an OpenSaaS application.


Icinga is a professional monitoring solution that continuously monitors all systems in your network, collecting data on availability and performance and generating alarms in the event of unplanned failures or problems.


Elastic Stack is an open source log management solution that specializes in channeling, storing and analyzing log and event information.


Graylog focuses on security and compliance, but also log management in modern IT operations and DevOps environments.


With Grafana, metrics can be queried, displayed and alarmed, regardless of where they are stored. Create, explore and share the dashboards with your team and promote a data-centric culture.


InfluxDB is an open source time series database, which is designed for high write and read rates. The ideal solution for fast storage and analysis of large amounts of data.

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