Managed Storage

In large web platforms storage plays a central role because the user data must always be available on the different servers. 

Ceph Storage

As open source service provider, we of course also provide a completely free solution. With our high-redundant Ceph storage distributed in two data centers, we can meet your storage requirements, regardless of the size. Ceph is a distributed data system implemented on standard servers of our partner Thomas.Krenn.AG. This is a cost-effective and reliable solution especially suitable for big data storage.

Why using Ceph?

  • Open Source
  • Fully transparent solution
  • High-redundant due to self-recovery and data centers in two distributed data centers
  • Huge storage facilities
  • Remote connection via native client (CephFS) or NFS

Our Services

We provide a centralized storage on our Ceph storage distributed in two data centers, depending on your individual requirements for size, speed, and redundancy or access protocols.