Managed Puppet

NETWAYS manages all hosting projects with Puppet and Foreman. We support our clients with the planning, the conception and the development of their environment.

We combine these two open source solutions to allow our customers a simple administration of their infrastructure. If desired, we implement your entire environment with Puppet for you and provide any access or insight into the systems you want. Many of our clients implement the configuration management system together with us.

The Advantages

  • Cost savings -  as similar tasks don´t have to be done manually
  • Better quality -  reduction of human errors
  • Better controls – modifications are centrally distributed and monitored
  • Higher speed – changes are distributed in a very short time
  • Time savings – as a Puppet experts we can provide many modules

Our services

  • Setting up your entire environment with Puppet
  • Assistance and support during the project
  • If requested: implementation of a Puppet Master