Managed Monitoring

Systems failures are inevitable in redundant environments, but the effective troubleshooting guarantees competitive advantage. We monitor important network servers and services from different perspectives. When issues arise, you or our helpdesk will be immediately informed by email or SMS to ensure a rapid intervention.

Redundant Monitoring

After integration into the monitoring system and implementation of necessary agents, the server and services are monitored 24/7. We operate multiple servers hosted by multiple providers, so monitoring is achieved from different perspectives over the internet or redundant.

Extensive Status Data

The Icinga monitoring system and the extensive pool of monitoring plug-ins allow us to monitor any service in your IT infrastructure: Starting from simple requirements like Ping requests, Http or workload up to complex requirements like MySQL replications in a data base cluster.


Notifications of the monitoring system can be sent to different contact persons via multiple channels of your choice: By email, for example, during regular business hours and at the weekends or at night by SMS. In very urgent cases you will be contacted by phone.

Reporting via Webinterface

Reporting via a web interface means you always have access to the current status and history of your network workload. The collected data is automatically displayed in graphic performance charts and allows long term forecasting of problems and bottlenecks.