Managed Services Consulting

We advise you comprehensively with the rollout, maintenance and development of your systems. Many customers started with a single server and have developed with us a high-performance cluster system over the time. Our customer references give you an overview of our successful accomplished projects.

How consulting with NETWAYS works

You already have a clear idea of what you want? Benefit of our many years of experience and make use of consulting services. We implement the system of your choice according to your schedule and discuss open questions you with you. 

We take on the entire planning and implementation to relieve you from your hosting duties, so you can con concentrate on your core business.


In addition, we can provide workshops held at our office or on site or, if it is technically possible and senseful, one of our experienced consultants come to your office work directly with your team on your network to implement your tailored solution.

We made a lot of very good experiences with our workshops as we have two advantages in contrast to our classic training courses: Our consultant works onsite closely with your staff and ensures the determined project progress and as much knowledge as possible is imparted, so no additional training courses are required.

We know that we can only have long-term and durable success, when our clients benefit above average of our services. We achieve such a high standard with our solutions, best quality, respect and partnership with each other. For more information see our references.