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Wiesenhof Geflügelspezialitäten

Wiesenhof Geflügelspezialitäten

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Docker Hosting

Docker is an Open Source solution allowing the virtualisation of applications within a container. This makes the deployment of applications easier, as a container is very easy to install and moveable. All required packages are already contained. On the other hand applications inside containers will be isolated from other applications inside different containers, increasing the security of the environments.

We use Docker for hosting environments and already realised different customer projects together with partners. We can also act as a partner for agencies to host docker containers, by beeing direct contract partner for the customer or by offering solutions as one team.

The difference between virtual machines and (Docker-)containers

Each virtual machine includes the application (App), the required binaries (Bin) and libraries (Libs) and a whole guest system (Host Operating System) - and all this with sometimes plenty of Gigabyte storage.

Containers include the application (App) and all required dependencies (Bin/Libs) and share them with all other containers. They run as isolated process within the userspace of the guest system (Host Operating System). Because of that containers are not bind to a specific infrastructure. Docker Container can run on every computer, inside every infrastructure and inside every cloud.

Docker Hosting scenarios

Docker runs on a single VM and inside medium and large setups. Below you will find possible hosting scenarios, already running in production for our customers inside our datacenter.

Small Docker environment

  • One virtual machine
  • Docker runs inside the virtual machine (also multiple containers possible)
  • Perfect for getting started and non-high-available applications

Mdeium Docker environment

  • Multiple virtual machines or bare-metal server with Docker and plenty of containers
  • For each server multiple different containers possible
  • Example: 

    • Multiple server with containers for applications
    • Multiple server with containers for databases

  • Perfect for high-availability applications

Large Docker environment

  • Multiple virtual machines or bare-metal server with Docker and plenty of containers
  • The foundation is build out of Mesos, Marathon/Chronos and Zookeeper
  • Splitting of the server into Masters (Management) and Slaves (Container)
  • Usage of a central storage solution (like Ceph)
  • Excellent scaling possibilities
  • Perfect for large Customer and Agency environments

Docker application operating

Docker container can seperate ressources from guest systems like virtual machines, do however provide the advantage to be portable and much more efficient.

A Docker container includes the specific application and all required dependencies, shares however the kernel with all other containers. This means they run in isolated processes on the operating system of the host. Up to that containers are not bind to a specific environment, allowing them to run on every system, inside every infrastructure and inside the cloud.

We host your application(s) inside Docker containers you can provide us in any way.

Docker micro services

Micro services are small and for one task limited services, running inside an own Docker container. Within this containers only these services are running and - like application containers - all required dependencies.

From development perspective, complete containers with a new version of the micro service will be made available for each development step, making the entire administration of the environment alot easier. The operating is then only starting the current container version and therefor provides the services as is, without having to take care about debugging the environment.

Our services:

  • Selection of fitting solutions for your applications
  • Consulting and concept creation
  • Realising the plattform inside our datacenters
  • Hosting of the containers in our NETWAYS Cloud or on rent server
  • Support during planing, realising and operating of your container deployment
  • Support and operational support from skilled Linux experts

If you are having any questions regarding our services please feel free to get in contact with our sales team.