Welcome to OSDC Berlin | April 21st - 23rd, 2015

Simplifying Complex IT Infrastructures with Open Source.

This conference offers a unique opportunity to meet with Open Source professionals and insiders, gather and share expertise over 3 days of presentations, hands-on workshops and social networking. OSDC particularly addresses experienced administrators and architects.

Confirmed speakers:

Nigel Kersten is technology executive at Puppet Labs with a background in sysadmin/DevOps/client management.

David Norton is part of the InfluxDB team, working on the core of the database.

Marco Ceppi is a DevOps Engineer working for Canonical and living in Washington, DC, USA.

Mitchell Hashimoto is founder of HashiCorp and is creator of Vagrant, Packer, Serf, Consul, and Terraform.

Bernd Mathiske is a Senior Software Architect at Mesosphere and he has vast experience designing virtual machines and programming languages.

Kelsey Hightower is a open source advocate who is helping to build and advocate a modern way to run Linux servers at CoreOS.

Conference Add-ons:

Workshops, April 21st, 2015:

Add one of the offered workshops on the previous day:

The workshops can be booked individually in addition to the conference package. The number of participants is limited to ensure in-depth knowledge transfer.

Puppet Camp Berlin, April 24th, 2015:

The Puppet Camp Berlin participation, can also be booked in addtion to the OSDC.  Join the Puppet Camp to improve your knowledge about simplifying complex IT infrastructures with Open Source. Detailed information of our packages are available here.