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Here you can find all videos and slides of the Nuremberg Camp 2013:

Nigel Kersten | The current state of Puppet

The presentation covers the current state of Puppet, best practices and upcoming features.

James Fryman | Refactoring Puppet: Leveling up to Data Driven Infrastructure

As your Puppet Infrastructure grows, so does the complexity of the Puppet codebase. Resource relationships become very difficult to trace and follow, catalog compilation times grow, spec testing (if you're doing that) takes a long time, and any change to the Puppet code could introduce any number of regressions to the Infrastructure.
Fortunately, the software industry has been working on this problem with software development for many years. Now, it is time to start applying these practices to our own Puppet code and start This talk will discuss how to refactor Puppet code in a controlled and organized method. The goals of such refactoring will allow ease of maintenance, speedups in spec testing, and the ability to use data-driven infrastructure. This talk will discuss tearing into codebases, looking for code smells, and how to fix them. In addition, this talk will focus on how to organize modules to take advantage of Data Drive Infrastructure, allowing fully dynamic infrastructures.

Michael Haslgruebler | More of the Same - Please!

Managing Multi-Tenant Application Servers with Puppet 

Using Puppet we can easily manage the whole lifecycle of different web-applications with different configurations on different application servers. The talk is about how we have achieved this with the basic functionally of open-source Puppet and how we used the build-in functionality to extend it to fit our purpose.

Thomas Gelf | Puppet CA: Certificates explained

You hate certificates? You are struggling with the Puppet PKI all day long? You'd prefer to get rid of security just to avoid having such trouble?

This speech wants to invite you to dive into the beautiful world of X.509 PKI infrastructures. Certificates are like pets. They are cute and lovely as long as you care about them. And grumpy as soon as they get the feeling that you don't.

So let's find out what your pets need to feel comfortable. After a jumpstart introduction into the X.509 wilderness we are going to inspect different ways of handling your whole Puppet certificate lifecycle.

Security matters!

Ohad Levy | Foreman

Foreman is a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers.

Through deep integration with configuration management and datacenter infrastructure (DHCP, DNS, PXE and Image based unattended installations), Foreman manages every stage of the lifecycle of your physical or virtual servers. Foreman provides comprehensive, auditable interaction facilities including a web frontend and robust, RESTful API.

Foreman can provision on bare-metal & public or private clouds all from one place with one simple process many different operating systems and is a complete configuration management solution including an ENC for Puppet, built-in support for parameterized classes and hierarchical parameter storage, Collect Puppet reports and facts.Monitor host configuration. Report status, distribution and trends.

Lindsay Holmwood | Puppet at Bulletproof Networks

Bulletproof Networks provides managed hosting services to some of the largest companies in Australia. Bulletproof implements strong isolation of customer environments, and this can present unique challenges when re-using Puppet code across our customer base. Additionally, the environments range in size from small to very large,and our tools + processes need to be able to handle both uses cases equally well. 

In this talk Lindsay will cover how Bulletproof's approach to these problems has evolved over the last 4 years, and some of the tools Bulletproof has developed and built upon to provide an awesome service to our customers.

Jonas Rosland | Automated OS and Application deployment using Razor and Puppet

Razor is a cloud provisioning tool for Puppet, giving administrators full bare-metal provisioning capabilities of both physical and virtual servers into their Puppet environment. When utilizing Razor and Puppet together you get control over both OS and Application deployments from one set of tools.

The presentation will cover both the basics on how you can use Razor with Puppet and also includes multiple live demos.