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Here you can find all videos and slides of the Duesseldorf Camp 2014:

Luke Kanies | Puppet Keynote

In this presentation, we start by briefly talking about why configuration management and automation tools are becoming increasingly important along with our general approach and the community that supports it. We will also provide a comprehensive overview of the technologies used with Puppet, so expect to learn more about Puppet Enterprise, Puppet, PuppetDB, MCollective, Forge and more. Other programs that help people learn about Puppet, like training and certification programs are also included.

Bas Grollemann | Using puppet on Windows, do's and don'ts

A quick introduction on getting puppet client running on a windows box and what to look out for.

Martin Alfke | Can you upgrade to Puppet 4.x?

PuppetLabs takes care on the Puppet software stack and they provide regular updates of their software.
But how about your Puppet DSL code? How can you ensure that your code will also work fine on newer Puppet versions?
This talks shows basic steps and actions which should be done to ensure fully functional Puppet DSL code on newer Puppet versions.
I will show common old practices, which have been replaced by more modern ways in using Puppet and how to migrate to the new solution. Additionally I want you to learn how you can test your Puppet DSL code prior putting it onto a new Puppet master.

Kris Buytaert | Monitoring (with) Puppet

In the age of automated infrastructure our monitoring tools need to be capable of being automated , we need to be able to deploy new services and hosts and know that they are monitored. Puppet can obviously help us here.

But in the age of the chaos monkey our puppet infra needs to be monitored too. So how do you monitor Puppet and its friends itselve ?

This talk will give you some ideas on monitoring a puppetmaster with it's friends , PuppetDB, etc ..

Anirban Saha | External Node Classifiers - Get efficient and do a lot more

A lot of Puppet users are unaware of the efficiency and the power to do more that External Node Classifiers (ENCs) provide us. In this hands on tutorial, Anirban Saha is going to demonstrate how the simplest and the most complex of Puppet environments can leverage the feature of ENCs, both script and LDAP based, and do configuration management more efficiently in their infrastucture.

This knowledge will help both beginners and experience puppet users to start using ENCs and build the base for a more scalable infrastructure as it grows and incorporate the best practices to do so within their organization.

Steven Thwaites | Puppet Demo

This is a flexible demo that will start by showing you all of the various technologies involved in using Puppet and Puppet Enterprise. It is meant to be interactive, so there should be plenty of time for additional demos to answer your specific questions about using Puppet and the related technologies.

Toni Schmidbauer | Continuously deliver your puppet code with jenkins, r10k and git

At s-IT solutions we manage a diverse environment of about 1000 linux (redhat), solaris 10/11 and AIX hosts with the help of puppet open source.

In this talk we give a brief introduction of continuous delivery and explain how we manage our current puppet infrastructure with a focus on the deployment process. We introduce jenkins, a continuous integration server and how we use it to continuously deliver our puppet code base. We also explain how we use git and r10k to manage internal and external (github/forge) puppet modules.

Furthermore, we discuss current shortcomings of our setup and how we plan to improve.

Thomas Gelf | Puppet CA: Certificates explained

You hate certificates? Struggling with the Puppet PKI? You'd prefer to get rid of security just to avoid having such trouble? Or no problems as you enjoy the benefits of Puppet Enterprise, but still curious to find out what's going on behind the scenes?

This speech wants to invite you to dive into the beautiful world of X.509 PKI infrastructures. Certificates are like pets. They are cute and lovely as long as you care about them. And grumpy as soon as they get the feeling that you don't.

So let's find out what your pets need to feel comfortable. After a jumpstart introduction into the X.509 wilderness we are going to inspect different ways of handling your whole Puppet (and MCollective) certificate lifecycle.

Security matters!