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OSMC 2016 | Speaker

As the conference agenda will be regularly updated, the speakers below may thus change until the final program is established.

Monica Sarbu | Elastic

Monica is the co- creator of Elastic Beats. Prior to creating Beats, she worked as a core developer for IPTEGO, a startup from Berlin offering a complete monitoring and troubleshooting solution for VoIP networks. The product was sold worldwide and is currently used by big players in the telecom sector.

Remo Rickli | NeDi Consulting

Remo Rickli started developing NeDi 2001 at the Paul Scherer Institute (The largest research center for natural science and engineering in Switzerland). For the following 6 years he was employed as a solution architect at HP Networking, where he gained insight into data centers, the campus and the wide- area network (WAN) of small- and corporate clients. With this knowledge and with the numerous contributions in the growing NeDi community, Remo was able to develop NeDi in various aspects. In 2014 he founded the company NeDi Consulting, which made NeDi fit for the corporate world.

James Fryman | Auth0

Now the Infrastructure Product Owner at auth0. James most recently worked at StackStorm building one of the first enterprise ChatOps solutions, and before that at GitHub assisting in the development and curation of systems scaling within the Operations group. James is also a frequent speaker on the topic of automation at conferences throughout the world.

Stéphane Bortzmeyer | AFNIC

Stéphane Bortzmeyer works for AFNIC and knows about the DNS. He is an IETF participant and wrote two RFC (on DNS privacy). He monitors his pet machines with Icinga on a Raspberry Pi and is a big fan of RIPE Atlas (several articles on

Mario Mann | NovaTec Consulting GmbH

Mr. Mario Mann is a performance consultant at the NovaTec Consulting GmbH. Since his successful studies in computer science, Mr. Mann is working as performance engineer. Apart from performance consulting at big, German companies, Mr. Mann is active in various topics around Application Performance Management.

Jan Doberstein | Graylog Inc.

Jan has more than 15 years of experience as a system administrator and support engineer in companies ranging from open source startups to large corporations. Currently, Jan is part of the team at Graylog, an open source log management solution. At Graylog, Jan manages support for commercial and enterprise customers, and also helps contribute to the Graylog open source community.

David Hustace | The OpenNMS Group

David Hustace began his Information Technology career as a US Army Officer during a transition phase from manually computed Artillery gunnery to a hardened computer system. Following a formal IT education, he transitioned from the Field Artillery to the Army Signal Corps and began writing software, building networks, and managing secure communication and data processing centers. He was awarded a Meritorious Service Metal for the development of an application that integrated mainframe computer data with secure telecommunication systems thereby saving the Army millions of dollars in the operational and maintenance costs associated with expensive and antiquated hardware solutions. In the private sector, David began network management consulting for enterprises and service providers using commercial software solutions such as OpenView and NetCool until co-founding The OpenNMS Group, Inc. in 2004; where he continues to serve as its COO responsible for sales and product management. He has  subsequently retired as Captain, US Army Reserve, and continues to enjoy defining new markets and creating new business opportunities for OpenNMS as well as developing software, playing golf, running marathons, and participating in the ever growing open source software world that is OpenNMS.

Fabian Reinartz | CoreOS

Fabian Reinartz is a software engineer at CoreOS and one of the core developers of Prometheus, a monitoring system and time series database.
Previously, he was a production engineer at SoundCloud and worked on information retrieval during his time at Saarland University. 

Jörg Pernfuß | 1&1 Internet SE

Jörg Pernfuß is BSD User since 2001 and Linux sysadmin since 2010. He is employed as Senior Linux System Administrator in the Monitoring & Infrastructure team at 1&1, where he is technical lead for design, operational architecture and requirements engineering of the new monitoring / NOC stack that the presented tool is a part of. 

Laurent Pinsivy

Before being Product Manager for Centreon, Laurent Pinsivy has been head of profesional services and project manager for all customer projects. He has built a strong technical and product expertise, in Centreon softwares and community modules.

Laurent Pinsivy also writes many articles on the Centreon blog as well as the magazine "GNU Linux Magazine France." He also participates in many Open Source and IT Monitoring trade shows or conferences.

Maximilien Bersoult

After 10 years working in system administration, Maximilien Bersoult became interested in the Oreon/Centreon project. He has been involved with his contribution since 2003. He joined Centreon in 2010. Still very involved in the open source monitoring world (his passion), Maximilien closely follows developements and emerging trends related to IT monitoring and IT infrastructures management.

Gunter Geib | DATEV

Gunter Geib (40) started working for DATEV in 2001, after graduating as an engineer for data- and information technology. He has been working on the subjects monitoring and event management the entire time, but has also looked into various other subjects, such as directory services. As a consultant with a team leader position he consults on all aspects of the DATEV monitoring services. He functions as a link between service-owner, IT-Processes, management, different departments and projects. His main subjects are event management, service monitoring, IT-component monitoring as well as process integration in accordance with ITIL. He is also active in the further development of the service asset and configuration management process. 

Michael Medin | NSClient++

Michael Medin is a senior architect and open source developer and has (among other things) written the de-facto agent for monitoring (among other things) windows based servers from (among other things) Nagios: NSClient++. In his not-so-spare time he works as an architect building middle-ware on mainly Oracle using Java, XML and various Web Service and REST technologies. When he is not working diligently at his computer he is often found riding his mountain bike along some rocky single track in the glorious Swedish countryside. 

Jan Mussler | ZALANDO SE

Jan joined Zalando's database team some years ago after finishing his CS degree at the RWTH Aachen University with an initial focus on supporting the PostgreSQL users and building our own tools for Performance Monitoring. After some detours to other database related projects he is now part of the cloud engineering team that is driving our own open source monitoring tool development called ZMON among other cloud topics.

Shlomi Zadok | Red Hat

Shlomi Zadok - A winemaker turned to a rubyist. As a believer in open source way, Shlomi is a senior software engineer at Red Hat, a member of Foreman team and the owner of foreman_openscap plugins.

Icinga Team

Icinga has its roots in a Nagios fork, but has been developing into an independent core and web interface for three years now. 25 experts worldwide are currently working on the project. They have advanced knowledge on the subjects monitoring and development, and they supplement the project with their knowledge in different languages and frameworks. Some of the team members will be present at the conference this year too.

Roland Hochmuth | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Roland Hochmut is the Project Tech Lead (PTL) and Software Architect on Monasca, the open-source Monitoring-as-a-Service (at-scale) OpenStack project ( He focuses on developing a highly performant, scalable and reliable turn-key monitoring solution that leverages the industries` leading trends and innovations around/regarding streaming data, analytics and big data. He is also responsible for the metrics processing pipeline for HP's public cloud. He has experience in a number of software disciplines and domains ranging from 3-D computer graphics, remote desktop visualization, cloud computing and monitoring.

Avishai Ish-Shalom - Wix

Avishai is a veteran operations and software engineer with years of high scale production experience. Currently masquerading as an engineering manager, Avishai is leading a team of software engineers in core server group. In his spare time, Avishai is spreading weird ideas and conspiracy theories like DevOps and Operations Engineering.

Jan-Piet Mens

Jan-Piet Mens is an independent Unix/Linux consultant and sysadmin who's worked with Unix-systems since 1985. JP does odd bits of coding, and works extensively with the Domain Name System and as such, he authored the book Alternative DNS Servers as well as a variety of other technical publications. He also dreamed up the Open Source OwnTracks project. ( 

Thomas Niedermeier | Thomas-Krenn.AG

Thomas Niedermeier, Department Communications / Knowledge Transfer at Thomas-Krenn, graduated with a Bachelor of Business Informatics degree from university at Hochschule Deggendorf. Since 2013, Thomas is working at Thomas-Krenn and he primarily takes care of the Thomas-Krenn-Wiki, Synology NAS devices and the develelopment of TKmon.

Dr. Heinrich Hartmann | Circonus

Heinrich Hartmann is the Analytics Lead at the Circonus Monitoring and Analytics platform. As such he is driving the development of analytics methods that transform monitoring data into actionable information. In his prior life, Heinrich pursued an academic career as a mathematician. Later he transitioned into computer science and worked as consultant for a number of different companies and research institutions. 

Gerhard Laußer | ConSol Software GmbH

Gerhard Laußer is head of the monitoring-team at ConSol, an IT service provider in Munich. For years he has been dealing with Open-Source-Monitoring. He has published some of his knowledge in his book “Nagios- Das Praxisbuch” (2009) as well as in numerous professional articles. He is also the creator of several well-known plugins such as Check_logfiles and Check_oracle_health and the configurations generator Coshsh. He relaxes between strenuous customer projects by programming new plugins.



Thomas Gelf | NETWAYS GmbH

The south Tyrolian by birth Tom is a principal consultant for systems management at NETWAYS and is normally always on the road, alternating between customers, being a couch in our trainings or skiing in his hometown Bozen. Besides Icinga, Tom`s interests also revolve around Puppet.

Antony Stone | Open Source IT

Antony Stone has been running his own business for 25 years, focusing on Open Source systems since 1995.  Clients have covered the entire range from small businesses to well-known multi-nationals. After obtaining a Master's degreee in Information Security at the University of London in 2003, Antony has been a regular visiting lecturer on the course ever since.  His current main areas of expertise are Asterisk VoIP, MySQL, and Linux network security.  He has been a systems administrator for the IETF since 2010.