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OSDC 2017 | Speakers

As the conference agenda will be regularly updated, the speakers below may thus change until the final program is established.

Timo Derstappen

Timo Derstappen is the CTO and Co-Founder of Giant Swarm. Besides managing and scaling distributed services for the past 15 years he is prepared to move off-the-grid as soon as the time is right.

Seth Vargo

Seth Vargo is the Director of Technical Advocacy at HashiCorp. Previously, Seth worked at Chef (Opscode), CustomInk, and a few Pittsburgh-based startups. He is the author of Learning Chef and is passionate about reducing inequality in technology. When he is not writing, working on open source, teaching, or speaking at conferences, Seth enjoys spending time with his friends and advising non-profits. He loves all things bacon.

Mandi Walls

Mandi Walls is technical practice manager for EMEA at Chef. Mandi travels the world helping organizations increase their effectiveness using configuration management and modernizing IT practices. Prior to joining Chef, she ran large web properties for AOL, including,, and Moviefone. She is a regular speaker at technical conferences and is the author of Building a DevOps Culture, published by O’Reilly.

Christos Erotocritou

Christos Erotocritou is the principal solutions architect for GridGain in EMEA. Having worked as a software engineer and architect both in consulting services and a number of software companies specialising in high-performance in-memory computing he has hands-on experience with a broad range of technologies as well as use cases across a number of industry verticals. He has a passion and motivation for solving complex problems and finding new innovative ways to use technology. He is a subject matter expert in in-memory computing and Big Data with an MSc in Artificial Intelligence. He has been an active speaker for a number of years at a range of international conferences promoting various technology concepts and more recently Apache Ignite.

Manikandan Selvaganesan

Manikandan is from India and is an open source enthusiast, active in the GlusterFS community. He works for Cisco currently, loves to code, dreams too much about innovating things and is passionate about working on file systems and Storage Defined Networks.

Daniel Korn

Daniel Korn has been a Software Engineer at Red Hat for the past 3.5 years. As a believer in open source way, he has contributed to various projects, including OpenStack, ManageIQ, Hawkular and OpenShift-Ansible. He is a ManageIQ Container Management dev team Member and owner of ManageIQ Ansible modules and Hawkular alerts ansible modules.

Sebastian Saemann

Sebastian Saemann is leading the hosting department at NETWAYS. He has previously worked as systems engineer for companies like Hetzner, O2/Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom.

Dr. Udo Seidel

Dr. Udo Seidel would have been a teacher for mathematics and physics if he had not been infected by the Linux virus in 1996. After his PhD he worked as Linux/Unix instructor, sysadmin and senior solution engineer. Now he is an architect and digital evangelist at the Amadeus Data Processing GmbH near Munich. He regularly speaks at conferences, e.g. OSDC and publishes articles in computer magazines. 

Florian Heigl

Florian is a consultant from Germany. He wants to help people make best use of their Unix infrastructures, tune their monitoring and control their server fleets. Basically, it's about running things smoothly and keeping everyone sane!

Claus Matzinger

A software engineer by trade, Claus Matzinger runs field engineering at, entertains several Raspberry Pis, and actively maintains Rust drivers for all sorts of sensors. He loves connecting with developers to talk about putting machine data to work in exciting IoT systems.

Josh Long

Josh is the Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal. Josh is a Java Champion, author of 5 books (including O'Reilly's upcoming Cloud Native Java: Designing Resilient Systems with Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Cloud Foundry) and 3 best-selling video trainings (including Building Microservices with Spring Boot Livelessons with Spring Boot co-founder Phil Webb), and an open-source contributor (Spring Boot, Spring Integration, Spring Cloud, Activiti and Vaadin). 

Erez Freiberger

Erez is a Software Developer and has been working for Red Hat for the past years as part of the ManageIQ container management team.  

James Shubin

James is a DevOps/Config mgmt. hacker and physiologist from Montreal, Canada. He often goes by @purpleidea on the internet, and writes "The Technical Blog of James". He works for Red Hat researching and prototyping around automation engineering. He started a Next Generation Config Management project called mgmt. He studied Physiology and sometimes likes to talk about cardiology.

Colin Charles

Colin Charles is the Chief Evangelist at Percona. He was a part of the founding team of MariaDB Server in 2009, and he had been working for MySQL since 2005, after being a MySQL user since 2000. Before joining MySQL, he worked actively on the Fedora and projects. He's well known within open source communities in APAC, and has spoken at many conferences.

Justin Carter

As a professional artist Justin Carter has performed as a musician and dancer in many prestigious festivals and venues. As a high stakes poker player he has faced former world champions. As a developer he has worked on algorithmic synthesizers, poker bots, game theoretical analysis tools and scheduling software for workforce management. Currently he is a project lead at Stark & Wayne where he helps clients be successful in their adoption of Cloud Foundry and contributes to various projects in the Cloud Foundry open source ecosystem. 

Kristian Köhntopp

Kris has been doing stuff with the Interwebs and data centers for a long time. Now an old fart, he's telling stories from before the container wars, when phones still had rotariy dials and there were only three programmes on TV (What's TV, dad?) 

Monica Sarbu

Monica is the creator of the Packetbeat open source project, the first Beat of the Elastic Beats Platform and the team lead of the Beats team inside Elastic. She gained extensive experience in application monitoring by working in the last 10 years she gained a complete monitoring and troubleshooting solution for VoIP networks that is currently used by big players in the Telecom space. 

Felix Frank

Felix has been managing *NIX systems since before Puppet or Ansible were around. His love for tinkering and automation has inspired him to develop a very keen understanding of Puppet's concepts and implementation. Through the years, he helped out many a fellow user, and authored a number of useful features and fixed bugs all over the place. It turns out that this experience is also an excellent foundation for a running start with Ansible, both in terms of using and extending it. On the other hand, he tries and devotes his free time to open source development on mgmt, yet another config management tool. Felix lives and learns in Berlin. He is a systems architect at The unbelievable Machine Company. 

Werner Fischer

Werner Fischer works as an IT Expert for the Bavarian Server vendor Thomas-Krenn in their Communications / Knowledge Transfer Team. His main focus is hardware-management & monitoring, storage I/O optimization and virtualization. Werner is a regular speaker at many conferences and chief editor of the Thomas-Krenn-Wiki, for which he has written over 600 articles.

Dirk Götz

Dirk Götz is a Senior Consultant and trainer at NETWAYS. As part of his daily work he writes concepts, implements, reviews and teaches Puppet and Foreman in many different environments. He created a training course based on Open Source Puppet for his employer and the official Foreman Training as corporate project of NETWAYS and the Foreman Project. 

Casey Callendrello

Casey Callendrello is a developer for CoreOS, working on the rkt container runtime engine and CNI, the widely adopted container network interface. He previously worked at Weebly, where he built scalable infrastructure, and Akamai, where he helped the company grow to hundreds of thousands of servers. In his spare time, he studies German and builds embedded devices to automate his everyday life. He thinks the world would be a better place if we would all switch to IPv6. He lives in Berlin, Germany. He was grudgingly elected president of the Noisebridge hackerspace.

Julien Pivotto

Julien Pivotto is a young Open-Source consultant at Inuits where he is helping organisations with the deployment of long-term solutions based on Open-Source infrastructure. He is a strong believer in the devops movement and has technical focus towards infrastructure automation, continuous integration, monitoring and high availability.