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Experiences with Rudder, is it really for everyone?

Rudder is a quite new configuration management system. You get a graphical interface that allows for easy editing of your policy, and includes very detailed reporting on your systems' compliance. Your policy is applied every few minutes, broken things are fixed till the system takes the right course again. All changes and the current state are reported visually to allow easy debugging, even for people who aren't the system's designer. Rudder is very much concerned with accessibility - let more people understand and enhance your environment. On the one end that's via the GUI, on the other end it's via APIs that let you access things you might not have dreamed of. I've made use of some of those features over the last two years, in a handful of setups. It's proven more helpful than I ever expected. I'd like to share my experiences with the tool and the project, many of them were quite exciting! 

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