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DevOps and Container

From using the right methods to continuous testing, integration and deployment. Of course, based on modern cloud and container environments.

The transformation of your IT infrastructure

Sustainable IT infrastructure and application operation starts with the methodology. From a seamless software development process through testing to deployment in the appropriate infrastructure.

We support you in transforming your processes through to the right cloud and container infrastructure.


Running apps developed in a microservices architecture approach is the classic scenario for Kubernetes. With Kubernetes (K8s) you automate the provisioning, scaling and management of your containerized applications.


GitLab enables the mapping of a complete software life cycle in one application. This accelerates the software life cycle by 200% and, of course, the speed of your company.


OpenStack controls large pools of compute, storage, and network resources across the data center. OpenStack works with common enterprise and open source technologies and is therefore ideal for heterogeneous infrastructures.

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