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ALDI International Services GmbH & Co. oHG

ALDI International Services GmbH & Co. oHG

Icinga Consulting

Open Source Development

“We love Open Source” is not just a slogan for us but our mission statement. Open source software gives you the rights to use, copy and redistribute it. Either with or without modifications, either cost-free or for money. “Free” in this context doesn’t mean cost-free, but the freedom for anyone, anywhere, to use it for any purpose.

What this really means for our software is that anyone is allowed to shadow us. On Github and you find everything from documentation, bug tracker and road maps for the upcoming releases, to plugins and all about our software projects. 

The application of open source software offers many advantages compared with closed source software. Especially regarding transparency it has a clear advantage: The access to the source code ensures that hidden functions and secret spy tools can´t be implanted. Open source software should be first choice specifically in the field of firewalls, encryption or VPNs.

Thanks to our many years of expertise in developing open source software such as Icinga we know what´s important. We understand not only the technical but also the organizational parameters for open source.

Our Services

  • Adaption and enhancement of open source solutions
  • Communication with the respective development community
  • Modularization and integration of existing architectures
  • Individual consulting and development with agile methods