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DevOps - Bring Development and Operation together

DevOps describes the dissolution of boundaries between the development and operations teams with the goal of working together faster, better and more innovative. In the last four years the harmonization and fusion of development (dev) and operating (Ops) became a global trend that is becoming more and more established even in conservative areas of IT.

The term DevOps has it's origin in an organized event in Ghent, Belgium. People with influence and inspirational ideas, especially Patrick Debois, met in 2009 for joint lectures and workshops on the first DevOpsDays and thus marked the starting point for today's global IT movement.

It was the idea to eliminate the spreading struggle between Development and Operations by active cooperation. But now emerging new tools also allowed for a fresh look beyond the boundaries of each camp. The time was ripe and trends such as automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery have also made ​​sure to tear down old silos.

As a company that is active both in the fields of development, as well as hosting and managed services, we know the challenges of working together and have developed many best practices in recent years, that we pass on to our customers. It is very important to us that the collaboration tools help different departments and make interfaces more accessible. The core of the DevOps philosophy, however, is to achieve common goals - within the people and the passion.

Our services

  • Workshops and trainings on site
  • Development of a DevOps process
  • Support for the introduction of suitable tools