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Logging & Security

The collection and analysis of log and performance data are fundamental for reliable and secure IT. We help you with the conception, installation and operation of your environment.

Logging and security with NETWAYS

Get instant value to your infrastructure data with cloud-native capabilities, intuitive user interfaces, and out-of-the-box solution suggestions. With the help of our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions based on open source, we help you to achieve and secure the data marriage.

As a partner of Elastic and Graylog, we are also happy to help you choose the right enterprise licenses and packages.

SIEM – Security Information and Event Management

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. It is a type of software solution that centralizes the collection and analysis of security-related data from various sources (e.g., network devices, applications, and operating systems) within an organization’s network to identify security threats, incidents, and potential security breaches. The objective of SIEM is to provide a unified view of an organization’s security posture and to support incident response and security operations.

Organizations use SIEM to achieve better monitoring of their networks and related security events. Some of the benefits of a SIEM system are:

Monitoring and analysis of events in real time

A SIEM can monitor events from different networks and systems and analyze them in real time.

Monitoring of compliance events

A SIEM can use monitoring rules and policies to ensure that an organization’s IT systems are compliant with regulations and laws.

Monitoring of security events

A SIEM can detect and display security events such as attacks, threats, and data leaks.

Centralized Monitoring

A SIEM provides centralized monitoring of security and compliance events in a single console.

Monitoring of logs and log files

A SIEM can monitor logs and log files from different systems and networks and check for threats and compliance violations.

Threat detection

A SIEM can easily and automatically detect and report threats using machine learning and behavioral analysis.

Built-in responsiveness

A SIEM can automatically respond to detected threats and compliance violations by triggering alerts, logging events, or taking automated actions.

Integrated forensics

A SIEM can provide detailed information to investigate root causes of security and compliance events.

Reporting and Dashboards

A SIEM can provide reports and dashboards that show an overview of the monitoring and analysis results and give deep insight into your network.

Integrierte Bedrohungsintelligenz

A SIEM can be integrated with threat databases and feeds to improve threat monitoring and analysis.

With Elastic and Graylog, we offer you two sophisticated SIEM systems and work with you to set up the right environment according to your requirements.


Elastic Stack is an enterprise log management solution that specializes in channeling, storing and analyzing log and event information.


Graylog focuses on security and compliance, but also log management in modern IT operations and DevOps environments.

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