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Modern IT Automation

Automation is the key to modern IT infrastructure. We help you with consultancy, training and support. Find out more about the products we use and contact us.

IT Automation with NETWAYS

The trend towards virtualization of almost all IT platforms and environments increases the need for flexible and, above all, faster use of the available resources.

The increasing shift of services into containers and platforms such as Kubernetes, Nomad or OpenShift reinforce this trend. Tools like Terraform, Ansible and Puppet facilitate the management of such agile environments.

We help you not only to keep up with this speed, but also to be one step ahead.


Ansible is the simplest solution for automating applications, complete systems and your IT infrastructure. Ansible makes daily tasks in your environment a breeze.


Regularly recurring tasks, such as package installations, configuration changes or computer installations are only described centrally and then rolled out.


Foreman ist the lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. From provisioning and configuration to orchestration and monitoring.


Terraform allows users to develop their configuration in a simple syntax and then roll it out in different environments.

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