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OSMC 2023 – Making your Kubernetes-based log collection reliable & durable with Vector

by | Jun 14, 2024 | OSMC

Last year’s OSMC offered a great program of talks. It was a pleasure to see old and new people and hear some new things about monitoring and the surrounding ecosystem. Maksim Nabokikh gave the talk “Making your Kubernetes-based log collection reliable & durable with Vector”, which we will have a closer look at today. Many thanks to Maksim for this insight and his talk.


Why is a reliable and permanent Logging Solution important?

Nowadays, more and more digital processes need to be tracked. Not only in the event of an error, but often also for legal reasons. A solution for implementing permanent and reliable log management is therefore becoming increasingly important. This challenge can be solved with Vector in Kubernetes.


What is it all about?

Vector is an efficient open source tool to build log collection pipelines. It collects the logs, transforms them and can then send them.
In his talk, Maksim showed how Vector can be used to collect and process pod logs and node service logs.

LOGS IN KUBERNETES What we can collect? Source Pod logs Files Node services logs Files Events Kubernetes API

The data can be collected from various sources such as files, K8s, sockets and many more. They are then transformed using remap, filter and aggregation. Permanent storage is then possible in over 50 different applications.

VECTOR’S ARCHITECTURE Remap Filter Aggregate Collect Transform Send File K8s Socket 9 in total 40 in total 52 in total …


Maksim gave many insights into everyday problems and how they can be solved with Vector.
Real life examples are included with possible solutions.

Just in case I’ve piqued your interest, be sure to watch his great talk in full length on YouTube.

Stay tuned for this year’s edition of OSMC. Mark your calendars for November 19 – 21 and join us in Nuremberg. The Call for Papers is already open. Be sure to submit your proposal until August 15.

Marc Zimmermann
Marc Zimmermann
Manager SaaS

Marc ist bei NETWAYS 2021 vorbeigekommen und wurde eingezogen. Sein Einstieg in die Welt der EDV begann schon in seiner Jugend. Anfangs noch mehr mit Windows und DOS bis er von einen Freund von diesen "Linux" hörte. Wie sollen wir sagen, Marc beschäftigt sich heute mit Linux und allerlei anderen Sachen aus der IT Welt beruflich als auch Privat. Nebenbei werkelt er an Modellflugzeugen und versucht diese auch nach dem fliegen wieder ganz mit nach Hause zu nehmen.


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