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Announcing NETWAYS Managed Database

by | May 17, 2022 | NETWAYS, Web Services

Today is the day! Proudly and full of joy, I can announce our new Managed Database service offering for MySQL compatible databases!
The requests for us adding databases to our portfolio, piled up the last couple of months. We’re always trying to take our customers’ feedback into consideration, so here we are now! Besides our existing services like Managed Kubernetes and Infrastructure as a Service, this is the next consequent enhancement of our portfolio that enables our customers at NETWAYS Web Services even more now!


Why our Managed Database is so Special

You may be wondering, why I am so excited about this new release?
First of all, all of our services are made with love & passion by our great and clever team of engineers! Just like this. Lots of appreciation goes out to the whole team!
On the other hand, our new Managed Database service is built with Vitess, and it may not sound that spectacular to you – but it is the first service of this  kind, hosted and operated in Germany! Vitess is a CNCF graduated project and defines itself as a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL. Don’t worry: you’ll be hearing more about Vitess and how it’s benefiting your NETWAYS Managed Database!

With that being said, let’s continue with the many core features available and benefits that come with them – just to name a few:


Highly Available

All Managed Database clusters consist of multiple components and at least two database instances of MySQL running and holding your data. One primary and one replica. In case of a sudden and unexpected failure of the primary database instance, the replica gets promoted and will take over. Traffic will be redirected automatically by the gateway servers. Failed instances will self-heal and repaired or restored automatically.


Two Locations

As mentioned above, the data gets replicated to at least one replica. We also make sure that the data is always replicated across our availability zones in our two independent and ISO-27001 certified data centers. This means that the data is even resilient against a loss of complete failure domain like a data center location.


Disaster Recovery Backups

Operating databases means running backups is a crucial part of protecting your data. We run daily backups, which can be kept as long as you wish. The backups are stored on our separate s3 based storage, which also is distributed and replicated three times across our locations. Failed replicas then can be restored from those backups to catch up the primary state as quick as possible!


Non-Blocking Schema Migrations

Schema migrations on production are no longer frightening! With traditional databases, depending on your operation and your data, there might be some blocked tables for a period of time. This can range from minutes to hours. With Vitess, this issue is solved! Even rollbacks of the migration can be instantiated, if necessary.


Scale Out

Vertical scaling can be done by just choosing the next available size of our plans. This is just a click and done in minutes. Read traffic can be accelerated by adding more replicas to the cluster. If you need even more and vertical scaling is no more an option, it’s possible to scale horizontally. This process can be infinitely, so to say. It can be done through sharding and partitioning your data into smaller pieces, which are stored on multiple database instances grouped to single, logical database without reengineering your application. This advanced feature will be explained in our tutorials soon!

We have more features that can be found on the NWS Managed Database website! 


Perfectly Matching & Managing

Along with those core features comes the more convenient and easy way of using our products through our NWS Web Interface, which makes great technology accessible and usable for our customers with no contract periods! For even more special setups our MyEngineers are there and happy to help!


Thanks Again – It Takes A Village

I’m really thankful to everyone at NETWAYS, who was involved in making this product ready and who helped us getting started! This kind of roll out of an enhancement like this is only possible with a team!
Of course a big shout out and thanks to the developers of Vitess: without them, we wouldn’t be able to offer such a blast of a product!


Stay tuned for our next releases, since we’re definitely not done yet and there is more to come!

Sebastian Saemann
Sebastian Saemann
CEO Managed Services

Sebastian kam von einem großen deutschen Hostingprovider zu NETWAYS, weil ihm dort zu langweilig war. Bei uns kann er sich nun besser verwirklichen, denn er leitet das Managed Services Team. Wenn er nicht gerade Cloud-Komponenten patched, versucht er mit seinem Motorrad einen neuen Rundenrekord aufzustellen.


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