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Monthly Snap April 2022

by | May 6, 2022 | NETWAYS

Springtime in Nuremberg! And while we enjoyed the warmer days and the city in bloom, two of our collegues had reasons for celebrating. In our new blog series NETWAYS anniversaries, Katja interviewed Thilo and Christian and congratulated them properly on 10 years @NETWAYS!



What are the advantages of becoming a sponsor for the conference? Read Natalie`s take on it and decide which sponsoring package suits you and your company the best. Katja shares glimpses from the OSMC`s archives every now and then! Read about Marius Oehler`s talk inspectIT Ocelot: Dynamic Open Telemetry Instrumentation at Runtime.




Natalie told us to register now and attend this year`s conference. And Katja shared links to last years` talks, such as Rodolpho Concurde`s talk Fuzzing: Finding Your Own Bugs and 0days, Or Elimelech’s and Leonid Belkind’s talk Kubernetes Native Continuous Deployment with FluxCD, Flagger and Linkerd. But also Tom Granot`s talk On-call done right: how even a developer can help and Michael Cotè`s talk Platform as a Product


Pro- tipps


Philipp taught us about the Python – Generator, and Dirk showed us how to build our own modifier in Modifier im Icinga- Director selbstgemacht. Leonie took a closer look at the Icinga Master App. Then Rania gave us a short introduction to Kubernetes and Andrew informed us of new Jitsi Features in Jitsi Feature Improved Moderator Control.


Icinga Camp in Berlin!


We are so happy to be hosting an Icinga Camp again this year! Will you be joining us in Berlin in July? There is still time to submit a talk or to become a sponsor. Julia presented the first speakers, and now we are even more excited!

Icinga for Windows


What is new in the world of Icinga for Windows? Alexander shared tipps on Troubleshooting, Debugging and Performance, and Christian taught us how to boost the performance of Icinga for Windows with REST- Api

Back to normal?


Afeef spoke of a very important topic: the difficulties many have with finding their “new normal” with and after Corona. Even if you personally have no problems in this regard, this article may help you understand others better. Read Unser Leben binnen und nach Corona.




On the International Day of Sport, Natalie asked around what kind of sports her colleagues do and what they love about their sports. Read the result and be inspired! In the blog series Natalie meets she interviewed Stefan and in our series NETWAYS stellt sich vor you can get to know our new Systems Engineer Justin.

Catharina Celikel
Catharina Celikel
Office Manager

Catharina unterstützt seit März 2016 unsere Abteilung Finance & Administration. Die gebürtige Norwegerin ist Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin für Englisch. Als Office Manager kümmert sie sich deshalb nicht nur um das Tagesgeschäft sondern übernimmt nebenbei zusätzlich einen Großteil der Übersetzungen. Privat ist der bekennende Bücherwurm am liebsten mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs.
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