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OSMC – Behind the Scenes

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Events, NETWAYS, OSMC

Faces behind OSMC

Overall organizers

Lukas and Markus are the core of OSMC. They’re working in the Events-team and have planned OSMC well in advance.



Our awesome moderators

Marc, Lennart, David and Alex S. moderated the entire conference. They announced the next talks and were responsible for adjusting the microphones for the speakers.



Check-in guys

Lukas, Katja and I were responsible for making sure the check-in went smoothly. We checked the tickets and the certificates as the OSMC took place under the 3G – Plus rule.

Camera crew

This is Björn and Matthias. Their main task was the recording of all speaker talks. These videos will be available on our YouTube channel in a few days. Be curious!

Hardworking Marketingladies

Jessi, Katja and me have been supporting the conference from marketing site. We are behind the Twitter channel NETWAYS Events. Taking pictures, recording videos, publishing tweets and community management were our daily tasks. The cooperation within our Marketing team was perfect – it couldn´t have gone better!



Dream Team 😃❤️


Get together…

…at the Welcome Event

The day before the OSMC started, there was a welcome event for all those who had already arrived on Monday.



…at Lunch & Snacks

The snacks for between and lunch were prepared and served by the HolidayInn. We are known for having plenty of food at our events! 😉


…at the exciting Evening Event

Our evening event this year was at the beautiful Korn’s. We enjoyed the evening with delicious food, socializing and lot of fun with our community members. When we got there, Markus, Lukas and Jessi were ready for everyone to check in. This event also took place under the 3G – Plus rules.


Upstairs there was already an aperitif prepared, and waiters were running around handing out small starters: Wild herb salad, caprese and prawn on guacamole were on offer. Very delicious!



The main course was a very good pink roast beef with a truffled potato gratin, salmon fillet with glazed marrow vegetables and filled ravioli.



Between the main course and the dessert, there was a lively exchange. An important point at the OSMC is the social aspect, so an evening event lends itself to this.



Desserts included panna cotta, chocolate mouse and cheese platter. There was also a midnight buffet: mini beef burgers & halloumi burgers with fries. Very tasty!




…at the Hackathon dinner

Together with the participants of the Hackathon and the Icinga Workshop on Thursday, we went to Toni Travolta this year. There we enjoyed delicious Italian food in a small round.

Natalie Regn
Natalie Regn
Junior Marketing Manager

Natalie macht seit September 2019 ihre Ausbildung zur Kauffrau für Büromanagement hier bei NETWAYS. Vor ihrer Zeit bei NETWAYS war sie ein Jahr als Au-pair in Schottland unterwegs. Passend dazu widmet sie sich seit vielen Jahren dem Spielen der Great Highland Bagpipe. Natalie ist in ihrer Freizeit nicht nur musikalisch unterwegs, sondern auch sportlich. Sie trainiert im Fitnessstudio, geht gerne in den Kletterpark und in die Trampolinhalle.
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