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Foreman Birthday Event: Let’s celebrate!

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Foreman

On July 1, 2021 we have the pleasure to celebrate the birthday of one great open source solution: the Foreman is turning 12!

Happy anniversary!

Together with our friends from the Foreman Project and ATIX we organize a one-day event to celebrate and dive into the latest Foreman topics and news. This year, the party will be online – streamed in the Foreman Youtube Channel: – Start: 3 pm

Presentations will be on until approx. 6.30 pm and afterwards a special social event will take place and give you the opportunity to continue the discussion and catch up with each other. And this is the top-class program awaiting you:

  • “Deploying servers in an Application Centric Way” – Manisha Singhal
  • “Pulp 3 introduction for Katello users – exploring the backend and tracing issues” – Matthias Dellweg
  • “Demo and Feedback session for the new Job invocation wizard” – Maria Agaphontzev
  • “Katello for Debian based systems: Update and Outlook” – Quirin Pamp
  • “Red Hat Product manager update” – Dana Singleterry
  • “The story of webhooks plugin” – Lukáš Zapletal

The event is for free. For more information about it have a look at

Learn more about Foreman

And if you want to learn more about the helpful open source tool I highly recommend you to book a seat in one the NETWAYS Foreman Trainings at

The next Foreman training is scheduled for June 29 – 30, 9 am – 5 pm and will take place in Nuremberg.

Foreman is a lifecycle management system for servers. It supports administrators in the provisioning of virtual and physical systems and the subsequent configuration management. In addition to the graphical interface, Foreman provides both a command line and an API for integration into other applications. The software can be extended in its range of functions by plug-ins and thus forms the basis of the Red Hat Network Satellite, among other things.


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