August was the hottest month of the year. A fact that was met with mixed emotions at the NETWAYS HQ. Some colleagues were complaining and swearing and planning trips to the north pole, while others were walking around with a smile, enjoining the summer sun. And who stayed calm throughout it all? Our data centers! Yes, monitoring sometimes really is everything.

The Shop has it all!

What do you need for monitoring your data centers? Humidity- and temperature-sensors? Or water-leak detectors? How do you want to be alerted? The NETWAYS Shop can definitely help you on this subject. Here are some of the topics the Shop treated in August, in addition to your orders of course!
Natalie gave us the details of the new SMSEagle update in SMSEagle: Das Update ist da. What to do after unboxing your SMSEagle? Read Nicoles` tipps and get started! Kickstarter: SMSEagle NXS-9700 4G und NXS-9750 4G. And the second part of the Kickstarter series was Nicoles` Kickstarter: HW group STE2 R2 PoE. Nicole also proudly announced that you can now book the STARFACE Cloud directly from us! STARFACE Cloud – jetzt bei uns buchbar!

News from our Webinars

Our Webinar-Master Christian has simplified the access to our webinars and explained why it makes sense to follow our YouTube channel in NETWAYS Webinare 3.0 und Kubernetes mit Thomas-Krenn.


A good cooperation with Nextcloud led to more, and NETWAYS is now an official partner! Pamela wrote about the process in NETWAYS ist offizieller Nextcloud-Partner

Always consulting 

Christoph tested a new tool and shared his findings with us in tooltip httrack. Dirk does a lot of planning and teaching in our apprenticeship-program and let us in on the news regarding IT apprenticeships in Die Neuordnung der IT-Ausbildungsberufe und wir. And Daniel wrote down his path to sorting Ansible groups in Ansible Host-Gruppen: Wer gehört zu wem? Meanwhile David was working from home when suddenly his computer didn`t work anymore. He shared a few ideas on using tools available to still be able to work in GTD ohne Equipment. Lorenz took a closer look at alerting witch Icinga, and let us in on the advantages of XMPP in Zurück in die Zukunft: Icinga2-Benachrichtigungen mit XMPP

OSMC 2019

In our blog series OSMC 2019 | Recap, we present last years talks. Afeef has summarized Tornado – Extend Icinga 2 for Active and passive Monitoring of complex heterogeneous IT Environments by Francesco Cina & Patrick Zambelli | OSMC 2019.



Part 8 of our series Kubernetes – so startest Du durch! is Logging mit Loki und Grafana in Kubernetes in which Achim explained why some might prefer to log with Loki. Moumen taught us some tricks in GitLab – Merge Requests, and he also showed us how to display all users in a MySQL project in Alle User in MySQL anzeigen.



In our blog series NETWAYS stellt sich vor you can get to know our great team a little better. This month read about Lorenz, Michael, Dominik and Saeid!

Catharina Celikel
Catharina Celikel
Office Manager

Catharina unterstützt seit März 2016 unsere Abteilung Finance & Administration. Die gebürtige Norwegerin ist Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin für Englisch. Als Office Manager kümmert sie sich deshalb nicht nur um das Tagesgeschäft sondern übernimmt nebenbei zusätzlich einen Großteil der Übersetzungen. Privat ist der bekennende Bücherwurm am liebsten mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs.