Summer has come to Nuremberg, and as July is typically the hottest month of the year, the NETWAYS gang is really happy to be in our new office with air conditioning! And our annual barbecue also always takes place in July, and now our office is much closer to the rooftop! All in all, a good month.

Lots of news from our Shop

Nicole kicked July off with her blog Produktankündigung: GUDE Expert Power Control 8031-Serie in which she presented upcoming products soon available in the NETWAYS shop.
She also informed us of a new software version for SMSEagle. SMSEagle veröffentlicht neue Geräte-Software
No idle time for Nicole, she had more news for us: now a simple SMS suffices to configure Ares remotely. HW group Ares – Konfiguration per SMS
Special offer on our NETWAYS monitor! Nicole let us know how to easily monitor temperature and humidity: NETWAYS Monitor Spezial-Angebot
Rekordtemperaturen – nicht im Rechenzentrum! How to keep the summer heat from your data centers? Nicole showed us various ways of monitoring them. Now the air conditioning must do the rest.

(Mental) health

See the world from Bernd`s point of view in his blog series Bernd hilft. This time: Bernd hilft – Das passt ja wie die Faust aufs Auge!
Breaks and holidays are important for the work- life- balance, as Blerim explained in Mach mal Pause! – „Just fit – Just awesome“, the newest addition to our health-related blog series.
Speaking of healthy! NETWAYS was well represented at this year`s Business to run! Andreas gave us some inside information on this 6,3k run on a very hot summer day. NETWAYS Running Squad beim B2Run

How to develop new developers?

Michael told his story about passing on knowledge. DEV stories: Icinga Core trainees in the making
Cleanup your Docker Environment Marius gave helpful tips for anyone using, and possibly having problems with, Docker

Upcoming events

What do the German Open Stack days have to offer? Das bieten die Deutschen OpenStack Tage Julia gave us an overview on the Event taking place in September.
Keya remembers, do you too? OSMC | Take a glance back… Make sure to get your ticket for this year`s OSMC, as usual it will take place in November in beautiful Nuremberg!

NETWAYS on tour!

Stefan humorously recapped the team Event of Sales, Finance & Administration and Events & Marketing in Fahrt ins Blaue – das Teamevent 2019. Enjoy the read!
At the same time the Dev retreat 2019 took place! Diana shared the highlights with us.

Well, technically…

Elastic Stack viel neues, aber sicher! Daniel took a look at the new Elastic Stack releases.
If it is Foreman-related, ask Dirk! This time he shared his knowledge on automation with Foreman: Automatisierte Updates mit Foreman Distributed Lock Manager
How to create self- sign certificates for internal uses? And what exactly is a certificate? Lennart helped us out in Selbstsignierte Zertifikate oder semantische Korinthen in der IT

Johannes taught us how to get RaspberryPI notifications on the Telegram app Temperatur und Feuchtigkeit in Telegram vom RaspberryPI
And Tim? He showed his sense of humour in his detailed guide to migrating a server. Lessons learned – how not to make beginner’s mistakes: Migrating server
How do we delete server safely? Tobias shared his experience on the NETWAYS way: Server löschen mit Darik´s Boot and Nuke


Catharina Celikel
Catharina Celikel
Office Manager

Catharina unterstützt seit März 2016 unsere Abteilung Finance & Administration. Die gebürtige Norwegerin ist Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin für Englisch. Als Office Manager kümmert sie sich deshalb nicht nur um das Tagesgeschäft sondern übernimmt nebenbei zusätzlich einen Großteil der Übersetzungen. Privat ist der bekennende Bücherwurm am liebsten mit dem Fahrrad unterwegs.