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OSDC 2019 Part 2 – Automating patching, VMs in containers & much more

by | May 15, 2019 | OSDC

After having a really successful and sublime evening event on Tuesday, today was the last day of the Open Source Data Center Conference.

Reading all the #osdc tweets tells me that I missed a great conference. ?

— Marcel Weinberg (@winem_) May 15, 2019

Andreas Lehr and Rico Spiesberger showed off with their automated patch management using Ansible and Rundeck at Lidl and Kaufland.
Things to keep in mind:

  • rebooting bare metal takes time
  • firmware updates might change things
  • have enough space in /var/yum and /tmp -> might result in kernel panics (:

And why not doing a Live Demo at a production system and simply patch the spanish webshop?

Live demo at a new level: @crsp and @shakalandy patching the spanish shop live with the audience #osdc pic.twitter.com/EHa7nZJoPS

— Nicolai Buchwitz (@NicolaiBuchwitz) May 15, 2019

On the next slot, it was our pleasure to welcome Kosisochukwu Anyanwu with kinvolk.io. She showed us how to use KVM as a Hypervisor, running a VM in a Docker Container! Get in touch with her at @kosyfrances and feel free to ask her for their use case.

Nikhil Kathole presented how to simplify your IT Workflow with Katello and Foreman. You can use Foreman for provisioning, configuration and monitoring (to some extend) of your hosts. It also provides you with many plugins for flexibility for provisioning tools and infrastructure. If you want to manage your .rpms/.debs, katello should be your choice

A talk at #osdc about @ForemanProject by @NikhilKathole1 and missing #DirkGötz here

— Toshaan Bharvani (@toshywoshy) May 15, 2019


Troy Harvey started with tossing shirts and gave a quite interesting introduction into the concept of privacy. Privacy demands ethical behaviour of professionals and they should always try to automate things

3 Big Ideas: 1. Privacy has a strange history. 2. Privacy-first systems are designed by people with a professional ethic. 3. Privacy can be automated away. – @troyharvey from Carta #osdc pic.twitter.com/DiocjWGGhW

— NETWAYS Events (@NetwaysEvents) May 15, 2019


Furthermore, if you want to have to use slack, try to get a job at Carta.

Colin Charles closed the conference with mysql & mariadb security. Obviously breaches are bad and there are the issues you can easily avoid. Use TLS for replication – also update your instances!

I don’t know how you feel after these two days. But I feel like I want more of that! Save the date for next OSDC!

Goodbye! ??

See you next #osdc 17-18 June in Berlin

Save the date https://t.co/hYX8SlM2CA pic.twitter.com/ZawVzImVTg

— NETWAYS Events (@NetwaysEvents) May 15, 2019



Tim Albert
Tim Albert
Senior Systems Engineer

Tim kommt aus einem kleinen Ort zwischen Nürnberg und Ansbach, an der malerischen B14 gelegen. Er hat in Erlangen Lehramt und in Koblenz Informationsmanagement studiert. Seit Anfang 2016 ist er bei uns tätig. Zuerst im Managed Services Team, dort kümmerte Tim sich um Infrastrukturthemen und den internen Support, um dann 2019 - zusammen mit Marius - Gründungsmitglied der ITSM Abteilung zu werden. In seiner Freizeit engagiert sich Tim in der Freiwilligen Feuerwehr – als Maschinist und Atemschutzgeräteträger -, spielt im Laientheater Bauernschwänke und ist auch handwerklich ein absolutes Allroundtalent. Angefangen von Mauern hochziehen bis hin zur KNX-Verkabelung ist er jederzeit...


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