In addition to Xdebug’s great profiling and debugging features it also supports tracing memory usage. This helps to find functions which consume a lot of memory or to identify memory leaks. The following options enable tracing right away:


Traces are written to /tmp by default. You may change this via the xdebug.trace_output_dir setting. With xdebug.trace_format=1 you tell Xdebug to write traces in an easy-to-parse tab separated format. The logged information includes the start and end times of function calls as well as the amount of used memory when entering and leaving the function. The last two numbers help to figure out which functions increase the memory usage a lot. Luckily you don’t have to interpret the traces yourself but use a script for that.
The script parses the trace files and aggregates the numbers by function name. It accepts a few different keys to sort the output: time-own, memory-own, time-inclusive, memory-inclusive and calls. You can also configure the number of elements to show:

php tracefile-analyser.php trace.662975268.xt memory-own 10
Showing the 10 most costly calls sorted by 'memory-own'.
                                                          Inclusive        Own
function                                          #calls  time     memory  time     memory
Icinga\Application\ClassLoader->loadClass             90  0.9151  2638176  0.0814  1262312
Zend_Loader::loadFile                                 17  0.1496  1183528  0.0345   882928
PDOStatement->execute                                 22  0.0102   395368  0.0102   395368
require                                               85  0.6066  1548112  0.0157   338512
require_once                                          22  0.0506   566296  0.0107   149128
Icinga\Application\ClassLoader->requireZendAutoloader  1  0.0045   154360  0.0023   120136
Composer\Autoload\includeFile                          8  0.0148    86544  0.0028    59448
Zend_Db_Select->_join                                 41  0.2599    59368  0.0627    57072
explode                                              135  0.0341    55672  0.0341    55672
Icinga\Application\Benchmark::measure                 94  0.2099    47448  0.0737    47352
Eric Lippmann
Eric Lippmann
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