On a test system for a customer I wanted to bring up a newer PostgreSQL version on CentOS 7 (same for RHEL 7). Software Collections (also for RedHat) gives you a neat distribution method that is not very invasive into your existing distribution. So you can install a PostgreSQL 9.4 under RHEL 7 without replacing any of the existing packages. This is a bit tricky in terms of paths, but just works.
I found a relatively simple way to install, configure and run such a SCL with Puppet, with just using the existing PostgreSQL module.
Have fun trying it out and let me know what you think.

Markus Frosch
Markus Frosch
Principal Consultant

Markus arbeitet bei NETWAYS als Principal Consultant und unterstützt Kunden bei der Implementierung von Nagios, Icinga und anderen Open Source Systems Management Tools. Neben seiner beruflichen Tätigkeit ist Markus aktiver Mitarbeiter im Debian Projekt.