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Monthly Snap November: OSMC, Icon Fonts & Jaspersoft Studio

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Python, Security, DevOps, Web Services, Team, OSMC, Development, Serien, WeeklySnap, Jasper Reporting

November presented an exciting 10th OSMC, featured Jasper reporting and offered DevOps tips for sys admins, developer and tinkerer.weekly snap
Beginning with events, our 10th Open Source Monitoring Conference with many special guests took place and Daniela reported on day one and Dirk summarized the other days of the conference while Jean-Marcel gave us an overview of his two favorite presentations.
Eric then described how to create Icon-Fonts and Alexander explained how to upgrade python-driven servers.
Lastly, Christoph looked at Jaspersoft Studio and Kay shared a guide to control home automation components with Rasperry PI and a web interface.

Stephanie Kotilge
Stephanie Kotilge

Steffi ist seit 2011 bei NETWAYS. Sie fing als Office Managerin an und unterstützt seit 2017 als Accountant das Finance & Administration Team in allen buchhalterischen Belangen. In ihrer Freizeit ist sie mit ihrem Sohn immer auf der Suche nach den schönsten Spielplätzen in Nürnberg oder plant den nächsten Familientrip.

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