15 – 19 November was (multi)media dominated, with reviews from and of Linux and Admin magazines, online Nagios training and OSMC live streaming all topped off with an Icinga release.
To begin, Manuela forwarded news of Icinga’s latest stable release. Icinga 1.2.0 featured improvements to both the classic CGI based interface and new web GUI. The ‘classic web’ now too can compound commands, while the ‘new web’ enables scrolling and persistent views that can be configured with filters. She also noted its latest addons– Heatmap, Business Process Addon, LConf and PNP integration for performance graphing. See http://www.netways.de/de/produkte/icinga/ for more information.
On a roll, Manuela then recommended an article on Puppet in Admin Magazine and another on OSMC 2010 in Linux Magazine. In the 06/2010 edition of Admin Magazine, Puppet is introduced in detail as a configuration management tool for large environments. OS independent and declarative in nature, it acts as an ‘abstraction layer’ between the admin and his systems. Linux Magazine’s review of our OSMC too highlighted Puppet alongside SNMP, RRDTool and Munin to kit out monitoring, on top of the Icinga, OpenNMS, Shinken and Nagios Business Process Addons projects all presented there.
Finally Manuela reminded us of the OSMC live streaming archives at Linux Magazine. The streamed videos are available at 199 Euros with magazine subscribers receiving 20% off. OSMC guests can enjoy the videos as part of their conference package. Visit http://streaming.linux-magazin.de/ to view.
On the topic on multimedia offers, Rebecca introduced our new online training course in partnership with Linux Magazine Academy. A comprehensive introduction to Nagios is now available in both English and German as a 13 part video series. These cover installation, configuration and monitoring of Linux and Unix servers in a network, as well as useful addons the likes of NagVis and EventDB. A demo is available with a special introductory rate at 299 Euros till 15 December 2010 – so get in quick!