faqDespite being over 12 years old, Nmap turned 5.00 and stable last month. The ‘Network Mapper’ is arguably the most used of network enumerator of its kind, and deservedly so. Though it may have been originally developed for penetration testing, we employ Nmap to speed up our Nagios installations.
With nmap2nagios, we can automatically generate a Nagios configuration by converting Nmap‘s host and service XML scan results. A how-to is already available on nagioswiki.com, but it doesn’t cover some FAQ we receive. So below are some of our additional troubleshooting tips:
Q: What is necessary to auto discover my network?
A: The Nmap host must be able to access all network zones. Thus Nmap is not able to discover a network behind a closed firewall.
Q: Can I update an existing configuration with nmap2nagios?
A: Not at the moment. Nmap generates a whole new set of configuration files for host and service definition to replace the old one.
Q: Does Nmap2Nagios support templates?
A: No, but you can add such a feature by using a set of sed or awk scripts, and applying a master template.