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Deutsche Welle TV

Icinga Monitoring

Kindern eine Chance

The private initiative founded by some Tyroleans in 2008, makes it possible for about 400 children around Zigoti in Uganda, to attend regularly school. They help orphans to escape from the cycle of poverty, the lack of education and desperation. Our partnership helps the children and supports other families to care for the orphans.

The goal is, to help the children effectively. To convey capacity building particularly means to provide formal education. No child is able to learn, when it is hungry, has no place to sleep or is ill, because the drinking water is contaminated.

Frauenhaus Nürnberg

Frauenhaus Nuremberg offers women and their children affected by home violence, immediate protection and shelter. NETWAYS supported Frauenhaus Nuremberg in its opening, created its homepage based on TYPO3 and continues to host it in ongoing sponsorship.

Barcamp Nürnberg

A BarCamp is an ad-hoc- un-conference aimed to bring together different people with diverse topics and ideas. The direct exchange with each other is realized in discussions and presentations.

The Barcamp in Nuremberg is supported by a lot of companies and persons we are friends with and we feel liable to the concept, because of the many exciting ideas, the terrific atmosphere and because we want to support events in our region. We help where it’s possible and necessary with sponsoring, provide rooms, beamers or take care about all the other unpredictable things in life to support the event.


TYPO3 is the most renowned open source content management project and its website is is aimed to potential users and decision makers . NETWAYS financially supported the project to broaden the typo3 website’s reach, translating it from English to German. NETWAYS remains an active member in the TYPO3 association.

Human Dreams e.V.

After publishing the memoir "Sternendiebe" (star thieves), Nicole Mitawa founded the friendly society Human Dreams e.V. to establish a children’s home in India for children in life-threatening situations.

In 2013, a children’s village in Tanzania for seriously ill and multi-disabled children was built. NETWAYS supported the project with the donation of a milk cow called Icinga.

Movember Foundation

The Movember Foundation is dedicated to changing the face of men’s health sustainably. The annual event is an enlightment and donation campaign that takes place the whole month of November. The Movember community already collected more than 409 Million Euro and funded more than 800 programs in 21 countries. These programs save and improve the lifes of men that are affected by prostatic or testical cancer. We made a humble contribution by taking part in the Movember donation campaign.

Union Freerunning Academy

The Union Freerunning Academy made it their business to encouraging children and adolescents to adapt a healthy lifestyle by a lifelong engagement in sport activities. Therefore a freerunning park was opened. We supported its construction financially.