Weekly Snap: Solr, gperftools & Rootkit Hunter

weekly snap2 – 6 September entered autumn with plenty of hardware and sys admin tips, as well as a follow-up OpenNebula webinar.
Blerim began by recommending Apache Solr for indexing and showed how to combine it with Zookeeper to build a SolrCloud.
Georg then gave the lowdown on our all-inclusive Icinga/Nagios voice alert packages covering Starface VoIP appliance, software and onsite setup.
He continued on a USB wave, introducing Xsensior Lite the economical temperature and humidity USB-sensor as well as USB extensions using CAT5e cables.
In the meantime, Markus looked for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits with Rootkit Hunter and Gunnar offered his alternative profiler to Valgrind – gperftools.
Finally, Christian reminded interested participants to join our first OpenNebula webinar and consoled those who missed it with a repeat webinar on 11 September.

Weekly Snap: CeBIT & MonitoringExchange reflections, Puppet & Chive, Cat5e & PoE recommendations

Mar 15 -19 was a full blog week with CeBIT and MonitoringExchange reflections and a string of recommendations from Puppet classes, MySQL development cycles and Chive database management, to Cat5e and PoE hardware.
Manuela gave us the heads up on the coming Puppet training course and its fast disappearing places. Led by Reductive Labs (Puppet’s founding development team) the course will be held on 20 – 22 April in greater Nuremberg.
Bernd L then tipped off the latest PHP database management project known as Chive. Comparable to phpMyAdmin and SQLBuddy, it has a few advantages nonetheless. With extended routine, trigger and view functions, Chive is up and running without adjustment once unpacked from the archive.
Following on with tips, Hardware man Martin offered us new USB extensions to soothe our 5m cable grumbles. With lengths up to 60m, the Cat5e USB extender works without a driver and effortlessly with Linux system- all for less than the typically expensive Windows exclusive, USB extenders. He also introduced the Wiesemann and Theis range of monitoring hardware which run on Power over Ethernet (PoE). From temperature, humidity and air pressure to relay output, all can send alerts through email, SNMP Trap and even Twitter. All are available at our online hardware shop.
Bernd E celebrated MonitoringExchange’s 2000th project milestone. Cause for celebration, as we recently revamped the platform with Ajax search, extended developer-user communication channels and the mysterious Catalot system. Now there’s even more plugins, addons and utilities to browse for open source monitoring solutions the likes of Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix and OpenMNS.
We paid our respects to MySQL’s development cycle, while Karo reflected on the recent CeBIT. She posted photos, a news video clip and a shout out to customers who popped by to visit including T-Mobile, Sidmach and Tradoria. Julian, Bernd and Michi’s presentations will soon be available in the Linux streaming archives, with the slides of course coming to our blog too. Thanks to Bayern Innovativ, it was such a pleasure to be a part of their group stand that we can’t help but say: see you @ CeBIT 2011!